Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Catching Up/Memorial Day Back Up

The weather for the holiday weekend was pretty darn good around west central Ohio....yesterday was supposed to be the weak sister of the week-end, but despite some clouds, it ended up pretty nice as well....we got some yard work in, I got a few cigars smoked and more than a few beers drank....all-in-all, not bad, I stayed away from the computer most of the time and kept busy and away from the boob-tube.

Patricia is finished with school until August, Hal is working at Celina Moving for the summer, before heading back to Wright State to do his Graduate(Masters) work in High School History Education. He is in Detroit working today, Sam took the time off between spring and summer baseball to make a RV delivery to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada...hitched up a ride with another driver, and is heading back to Warsaw, Indiana, tonight...I'll probably have to make that trip to pick him up around 1 tomorrow morning...could be a long night.

June is pretty well locked and ready for the PRH household....June 7th sees my niece(sister's middle daughter) marry a guy from Celina, both are in their early 30s, he was starting Center for the Ohio University Bobcats in Football, back in the 90s, and is currently on the coaching staff at Hillsdale College in Michigan...Molly was a track star at Celina, and a life long gymnast...if they ever decide to have kids, they should be pretty good athletes, if that is the choice. The next weekend, we head down to Dayton to participate and photograph Hal's graduating from Wright State....he was finished in March, but will do the march June 14th. Then the next week, Patricia and Anissa will fly from Dayton to Wisconsin so they can spend a week at Patricia's dad's at his condo in Oconomowoc.....that pretty much shoots the month of June 2008. Sam and I will stay busy with ACME(Summer High School) Baseball, and American Legion games through the end of July...so the summer is spoken for, not sure with the prices of gas we will venture far for any vacation time we might have....time enough to think about that later.

With that said, today is cloudy, with temps dropping...Patricia's van needed new rear brakes and a Tie rod replaced...Hal's needs a new left front tire....those are getting done as I type...and lo and behold the thermostat needs replaced on the Intrepid....out of 6 family cars, only 2 are running today...but that will be up to 5 by tomorrow...and Hell, all 6 are paid for, why buy a new one?, especially with the uncertain future of gas and the economy.

A look back at Memorial Day 2008________________

With my Heroes and Assholes post on Sunday I realized that I was making a statement that really had nothing to do with folks that served and sacrificed in the military....and yes, even in that culture, you had Heroes and Assholes...I served with both, and may have been the later myself. I know a few guys, especially some career types, would give me the later label. But regardless of my bad attitude, the Houseworth's and military service go way back....my Genealogy blog has a list of some of the guys that served.
The included family members are 16 boys and men who served with the Union Army in the Civil War, and number of Houseworths who served with the Confederate Army in the same conflict. My dad, his older brother John, and my Uncle Bill DeVore(mom's brother) served in WW2, Bill was just 19 when he participated in the Battle of the Bulge. My brother Mike served with the Air Force as a Fire Protection guy in Southeast Asia(Thailand), and I was a Air Force cop at both Nha Trang and Tan Son Nhut(Saigon), Airbases in Vietnam. My cousin Jackie Ray Poling was killed in July 1968 with the 101st Airborne...he received the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, and other medals for his service and ultimate sacrifice. My father-in-law, William Callies served in the Pacific Theater during final days of WW2....his brother Hal(whom our son is named after), served in WWII as well.

My day late SALUTE to all who served!
photos-left to right/top to bottom:
Gilman Houseworth(my Great-Great Uncle. wounded at Chickamauga in September 1863, his brother Henry was killed in the same battle while serving with the 26th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
Nelson Houseworth(Great Grandfather), served with the 186th OVI during the last days of the war, Feb-September 1865
Excellent Book on the Battle of Chickamauga.
Pat Houseworth-Air Force 1968 Cop School Mug Shot.
Stan Houseworth-(Dad)Army Air Force 1942 Lowery Field, Colorado
John Houseworth-(Uncle) US Army WW2 and all around fisherman...here on leave at Rehoboth Beach Delaware in 1943
Bruce Foust, Scott, Ohio, all around WW2 war hero Dad's good friend from hometown, wounded in the European Theater
Marlow Beech(USMC) and Stan Houseworth(AAF) home on leave in Scott, Ohio 1944


Buck said...

I'm glad your WX cooperated over the weekend, Pat. It was hot and miserable on The High Plains of NM... mostly coz of the wind. But, Hey! It's better than no weather at all.

Ron Simpson said...

I come from a long line of military people too. My dad was in the AF, I was Army. His dad was Airborne in WW2. My mom's dad served on Lady Lex (USS Lexington) and shot down japs. He was a AA gun mount commander. All my mom's brothers served. My dad's brother just retired from the USMC as a light colonel. Dad's uncle Alf was a pilot in WW2. My grandpa's 3brothers all served in WW2 also. I can go back to the civil war and see other ancestors that served. We still have a springfield rifle that a however-many-great grandpa carried. On my dad's side I am related to Ulyeses Simpson Grant. His mom's maiden name was Simpson.
My mom's family traced us back to the people that came over with William Penn. I had ancestors in the Revolutionary War too.
Needless to say, I think that all of us should serve. I know my kids will.

Sarge Charlie said...

Now I have to do some research, my great-great grandfather was wounded at Chickamauga and later died, he may have sent that rifle ball to Gilman Houseworth, you never know. You have a fine heritage my friend. I hope I haven't started one of those Hatfield/McCoy things.

I was raised about 60 miles from Chickamauga, have been there many times.