Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Taking Flight!

The spring weather remains cool, cloudy, and windy....maybe 60 for a high today, and they have stuck a little rain in the forecast for Friday and maybe even Monday, after originally calling for sunny weather throughout the weekend....surprise, surprise...NOT!

Guess I was a little off in my prediction of the Robin brood taking flight....seems all but 1 have given flight a try....and he(she) appears to be moving towards that goal sometime this afternoon.....(see photos).

Sam and I will be going to the funeral home this afternoon...."Snip", our Dartball leader, passed away over the weekend, he had a stroke on his 82nd birthday, and passed away less than a week later....Snip had been playing darts for the Church almost 50 years, one of the stalwarts of the Wabash Valley Dartball League...he will be missed.

Sam and I did a varsity game at Sherwood Fairview last night...Fairview scores 5 late to pull out a 10-5 win over Paulding....The younger Houseworth, doing the plate, got into it with the Fairview staff over balls and strike calls....and was just about to toss a couple of coaches(a 2 game suspension)...they calmed down, and that was lucky for them...they are in the District Tournament this week, and the head coach missing that, would not have looked good. Next year coaches that get ejected, will not only get suspended, but fined by the OHSAA(Ohio High School Athletic Association) as the umpires some leverage, which most of us don't want....I don't want to be responsible for dipping into someone's wallet. So far I have never ejected a coach(several players though)....Sam, on the other hand, has no problem with tossing a coach if he feels the need.

Meanwhile I picked up another spring game before the season is finished...tomorrow at Columbus Grove vs Lincolnview.
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photos-will this young robin take flight this afternoon? He nest mates already have taken flight.
The 5PM Update...way too much time on my hands....after returning from the Funeral Home....where the crowds honoring "Snip" were unreal, what a popular and well known figure about town.....I parked the Intrepid in the drive next to the basketball pole. Even though all the Robins have "flown the nest"....not quite on their own just you can see, the parent birds are still feeding the new ones, as this one sits on the car, trying to get it's sea legs in the 20 MPH winds....


Anonymous said...

Sorry about your friend. Judging from what I've seen here, though, if you have a bad stroke you're really better off just passing on.

BRUNO said...

I've quit watching weather "forecasters" anymore---I just use my "weather-rock" now! You know---"If it's WET...!"

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Need to come see a game some time. Bet it's a hoot.

Larry said...

Catching this post's photos reminded me to step out onto the deck and peek down between the boards at the FOURTH annual Robin brood nestled between two joists. What were little blue eggs 8-10 days ago are now 3-4 little beaks pointed back at me. Naturally, Mom --from the neighbor's tree-- started raising hell with you-know-who within 15 seconds. Pretty sweet.

Buck said...

Sorry about the loss of your friend, Pat. May he rest in peace.