Monday, May 5, 2008

Monday Morning!

Got up early(for me on a non-Greenville day) around 6....Patricia and Anissa just left for their work places, and I sit here with the Airedale and cat sleeping on the throw rug.

Not a bad weekend, the Philly Flyers have moved on to face interstate rival Pittsburg in the Eastern Finals of the Stanley Cup NHL Playoffs....even though rained out Friday, I got my double header in Celina done on a windy Saturday, after the skies had cleared. Yesterday the family gathered at sister Marty's place on the other side of town...Mom and Mike were there, back from Florida on Thursday. Mike's treatments for throat cancer are done, he's lost about 20 lbs, and all seem to be doing well. 9 of us cooked out and a had good 3 hour BS session, and get together.

This afternoon I will head for Paulding and umpire a Northwest Conference game between the home town Panthers and visiting Allen East. This week between rain showers will be the beginning of the end of the Spring high school baseball season. Garry Mosier and I begin tournaments this weekend with the Division 4 Sectional at Convoy Crestview.....then next week, Sam and I have a Sectional Championship game at Hopewell-Louden High School, some 100 miles north and east of here.....thankfully they do pay mileage, so the profit won't be all that bad.

Mowed both lawns yesterday, I took care of mom's, while Patricia started on ours....I finished off that when I returned, so a pretty good workout....considering the beer I drank and the cake we had for Patricia's Birthday...I needed the workout.

Lots of "chores" today before I head north to I'll resume the "Growing up in Venice, Florida" stories tomorrow.....

back later>>>>>>>>>>

photos-A couple of "Sun Shots"...the sunrise hitting our new mowed lawn, and a sunbeam hitting the corner of the 85 year old pine floor of the house, next to the computer center and desk.


Sarge Charlie said...

I am enjoying your history Pat, looking forward to the next part.

Buck said...

Ah...lawn mowing season is here, eh? That's a good thing, as opposed to, say, snow-shoveling... ;-)