Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday, Monday,

Got the opening round of Sectional Tournament(Div 4) in on Saturday, the only good day of weather of late...miserable rain yesterday for Mother's and Anissa went over to mom's, Patricia stopped by after church as well, Sam went by later in the day with his gift.

This afternoon's non league game at Ft Recovery was cancelled due to wet fields...Sam had one at Wayne Trace against Parkway, that one has been moved to Rockford(Parkway) due to wet diamond at WT.....tomorrow looks like 70 degrees, and Sam and I have a Tournament game at Bascom(Hopewell-Loudon High School)...a nice little 98 mile trek.....but the mileage money will make it worthwhile....a couple of more after the mushroom weekend in Mesick, Michigan, then it's off til June 1st...when the summer ACME and American Legion seasons we are at the end of spring baseball, and it doesn't feel much like spring yet.

The Philadelphia Flyers are on the ropes in the NHL East Finals...the defense has been rocked by injuries, and they trail the Pittsburgh Penqueens 2-0 in the best of 7...meanwhile the Fort Wayne Komets finish off the Turner Cup tonight(I thought it was last night) at home vs Port Huron...series tied 3-3 the Komets, who won the regulary season in the IHL in a walk, have had to battle back from a 3-1 series deficite to tie it up and now can win it at home.

Keeping in the theme of pro sports...How about them Redlegs? Cincinnati, with new management are still the same old stinking Reds.....dead last in the NL Central...and keeping their young guns down on the farm(system), way to go Bob and guys are clueless.

That is about it for this Mundane Monday....the mushroom weekend is upcoming, and it looks like rain gear and cold weather clothes will be needed....well, at least the beer will be cold and plenty of good cigars, shouldn't be all bad, hopefully some good mushrooms and good photos...time will tell.

back later>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

photo-The famous and tasty Morel Mushroom...and the long trek this Friday to Mesick to find them.


Shrinky said...

those mushroom pics are plain awesome Pat. I sure envy you your upcoming hunt!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

You gonna be lookin' for the "special" shrooms?

Mushy said...

Looking forward to your photos...hope you get some.