Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Gloomy Tuesday in Western Ohio

Did I actually spell Gloomy-Gloomly in the original title? :} Where the Hell was spell check when I needed it???

To say the weather has SUCKED in West Central Ohio and the lower Midwest the past couple of weeks would be an understatement....the weekends have been wet, windy, and somewhat cool, the weekdays even worse....Today in no exception. After the miserable 53 degree and rain all day we experienced yesterday(cancelling my final Regular Game for the High School Season)...today, while somewhat dryer, is equally cloudy, and clammy out of doors. The good news is, things are slated to improve in time for the District Baseball Tournaments scheduled for tomorrow through most of the weekend, although showers could reappear Friday and maybe Saturday. My D3 District at Elida is set to kick off on Thursday Afternoon at 2pm. Liberty-Benton from the Findlay area will take on Bluffton in game one, then for the second straight year, I am scheduled to work the plate for the Coldwater vs Evergreen game at 5pm....the Championship of the District will be held, weather permitting, at 2pm Saturday, with the winners of game one and game 2 in a match up to move on to the Regional, also at Elida, next week...where I am scheduled to work 3rd base for the Championship on May 28th. In the District, in addition to the plate in game 2, I have first base in game 1, and 3rd base in the Championship.

Spent much of the morning on the phone with my old buddy Andy....Andy, his wife Amy, and their 2 young sons live in Louisville, Kentucky....both are from the Cleveland area, but moved to Louisville a few years back for Andy's job....he called me this morning from Dallas, where his office sent him.

Andy, although much younger than me(he just turned 50), and I have been friends since our days at WCSM Radio...I was the Program Director in 1981, when we hired him to be the afternoon DJ...we have been close friends ever since, even though we don't see much of each other these days. We plan on ending that this June when the Indians come to Cincinnati to take on the Reds, we will hook up for the final Sunday game of that late June series.

Hal also called, bummed that he got a speeding ticket this morning near Dayton...only his 2nd one in 10 years of driving....I told him I've had 5 in 45 years...and 3 of those were withing a 2 year span.

I cropped some limbs off the back yard Maple Tree, those being stressed by the heavy load of "Helicopters"(Maple seeds) and the recent rains...a couple limbs were cracked, and a few more hanging near the ground...so I dispatched of those....

That has been the excitement thus far today...living a way too sheltered life I am. I am looking forward to game #2 in the Philly-Montreal NHL East Series...Go Flyers! Other than that? Pretty boring around here....

Rick, Clint, and Rick's Boys will head for the Michigan Mushroom Hunt tomorrow, I'll miss it for the second straight year....baseball and the chance to do Tournament action comes first...although I do wish that they had waited until next week, we will see what they bring back in this early sojourn to the Boyne Falls area.

back later>>>>

Photos-The Gray Skies Continue in West Central Ohio....and a look at the vines on the west side of the garage as they looked in the final days of last fall, and today as they have made their comeback from the dormant Winter....

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Brigid said...

It's that way all over, but the photos of the leaves definitely made the morning brighter.