Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Off to Wright-Patterson AFB

Have not had much time to hang around the blog or Internet of late....and today will be no exception.

I will be leaving in a half hour or so for Dayton, and the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson Air Force Base...this will be my 4th trip there in the past 15 months or so, mostly for events/reunions related to my service as a Security Policeman while stationed in Vietnam. No war hero stories on my part, but plenty of found old and new friends from those days.

Today will be a little different, I will be there to join in a ceremony honoring and presenting the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor for a old "Sky Cop" that I don't know in person...but being one of our small group, and getting this award almost 45 years after the events, is reason enough to honor him, get some photos, and come up with a story for the next issue of Guardmount Magazine...the on-line paper for our Vietnam Security Police Association:

Sgt Luther Young was a tower spotter/guard at Ben Hoa Air Base, Vietnam, back in 1967-68, at least a full year before I arrived at Nha Trang...his job on "C" Flight(Overnight) Security was spotting activity and incoming rockets, and warn the base and his fellow SP's...for that, he will receive his Bronze Star today at the Defensor Fortis Statue on the Grounds of the Museum. I should mention that Luther Young's Tower was located in the Ammo Storage area at Ben well placed Rocket or Mortar from the VC or NVA, and Luther would have been just a vapor/memory, despite the danger and orders to leave his post, he held his position and many lives, including those of the base air crew, were saved. Several of us old SPs from our days in Vietnam, will be there to salute him, this afternoon.

Story and photos coming tomorrow...back later>>>>
Photos-The Defender Statue honoring Air Force Security Police of the Vietnam War, located on the grounds of the Air Force Museum...and a few Old Sky Cops at the statue from our Mini Reunion back in March. Wayne DeZarn, Rick Adams, Mike Tillman, Sam Lewis, Jack "Old Cowboy" Smith, and me....some of the same gang will be there today to honor Luther Young.


Sarge Charlie said...

I tip my hat to this airman and his long overdue award.

United Citizens Council said...

Isn't that where they keep the bodies from the Roswell alien crash?


PRH....... said...

Thanks Sarge it was a great and story to come(hopefully tomorrow)..

UCC...Exactly! But for some reason, they won't let us see them :}