Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baseball and Wall Clouds....

Finished up the NWC Game at Lima Central Catholic about 7pm yesterday...a 3-1 win by the home team over visiting Columbus Grove. I had checked the weather radar about 3:30 before I left for LCC...and some storms were forming back in Illinois and northern Indiana. They appeared to be moving rather quickly, and I figured...they would hit between 7 and 8pm. That turned out to be a pretty good guess.

Dave West and I told both coaches to keep the game moving fast as they could, within reason. They did, and we were done in an hour and 45 minutes or so. As I headed south and west towards home driving the back roads, I noticed the sun was being replaced on the western horizon by a large single mass of black clouds. As I maneuvered the 35 miles or so towards Celina, the clouds appeared more menacing and dark...And I found myself wishing I had brought along the camera...Drat! I had left it at home, so was forced to drive into the approaching storm without benefit of a camera to prove the ominous Wall Clouds that I was approaching.

As I got to the halfway point, just outside of the small town of Neptune...Garry called, he was on his way from a game at Fort Loramie, and was approaching the same storm from the south....it broke loose a few minutes later, with plenty of wind, some small hail, but not a large amount of rain...enough, but nothing out of the ordinary. The above photo was hoisted from the National Weather Service....

The game tonight has been postponed, and I could opt to grab another opening, but will forgo that....I had planned on taking mom to Antwerp, so she could see her brother Jack...so I'll still do that, and go out and have a beer with Uncle Jack and his family, while him and mom visit....the rest of the week looks hit and miss with more rain showers and storms. Tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday, have the chances of rain, hopefully Saturday gets played, otherwise the Tournaments will be pushed back and thus causing havoc with those. Sam and I are supposed to be at Bascom Hopewell-Loudon, a long drive, and we certainly don't need the hassle of a rain out for that one, but Mother Nature will decide that, not much we can do about it.

For now Thursday looks rain free, and that is the day I travel to Fifth Third Field in Dayton(Home of the Cincinnati Red's Class A Farm Team, the Dayton Dragons)...to do the first of 2 games I have there this season...Bellefontaine against Graham....long drive, but I am looking forward to doing at least 1 game at the pro ballpark.

The first round of the baseball season moves on...I picked up another Sectional Tournament game, this one at Crestview, in Convoy, a Sectional Final in Division 4...will work this one with Chuck Etzler, another veteran umpire, who plans on calling it a career after this season...and he will go out with a State Tournament game...he has had several, and deserves them, he's a good umpire, who I am scheduled to work with next week in a regular season game as well, marking the 4th time we have teamed up this season.

That's about it for now....as you can tell from my last few posts...not a lot of going on out of the ordinary in this life....

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