Friday, May 7, 2010

Working Fifth Third Field in Dayton

Big storms are forming and moving north...looks like Paulding, where I am scheduled to work tonight, had a few storms roll through...Bascom, Ohio, home of Hopewell-Loudon High School, where Sam and I are to hook up for a Sectional Double Header tomorrow, has had rain as well....if we get the games in, tomorrow looks like about 50 degrees with winds to match...rough baseball weather, just in time for the beginning tournament action. As Sam and I are heading north from Columbus(Sam) and Celina(Me)..Patricia will head south to the Dayton area...for Hal's girlfriend Lisa's College Law School graduation party....Sunday will be a day to relax, or if dry, maybe do some planting in the flower beds out back.

Speaking of Dayton____

I left Celina about 1:45 yesterday for Dayton's Fifth/Third Field...working my way around traffic, and getting directions from missed detours from my scheduled partner Jerry...I found my way to the Stadium Parking Lot about 3:15...Jerry and I took our time in the umpire dressing rooms before walking out into the bright sunshine.

A double header was scheduled, Jerry and I were working the first game, Graham and Bellefontaine....Urbana and Tipp City followed, and that game was worked by 2 West Central Association umps.

The game lasted 6 innings, with Bellefontaine coming back from a first inning deficit, to win in a run rule 14-4...working in a professional ballpark is different to say the least. Went through 18 new baseballs, and a couple of "field" balls, as foul balls were flying into the upper deck at an alarming rate...the game was interesting to work in a completely different setting...I worked up a sweat behind the plate, even though the temperatures were only in the Mid 70s, with low humidity...a well worked game that saw no problems or complaints(that we could hear anyway) from the coaches.

After the game, I made my way the 75 or 80 miles towards home using a combination of I-75, Ohio 29, and some back roads...pulling into the drive-way and opening up a couple of cold ones and taking a well needed shower.

I am not sure what the next few days, or next week will bring as far as baseball is concerned...the weather looks to have some rain in the forecast, for the last regular week of the High School Baseball season, and the completion of Sectional action.....then it's on to District, and Regional action for me...the State Tournament ends the High School season the first weekend of June...then it's time for Summer Baseball, in the form of ACME and American Legion games.

The Season goes by way too fast sometimes.....

I talked with Rick yesterday, they have moved into the new house on the 17 acre spread...still waiting for the completion of the septic system...and are using the holding tanks until the ground dries out.

We also discussed the upcoming Mushroom Hunt in north lower Michigan....looks like Rick, Clint, and the boys were head up on Wednesday May 19th....if the hunting is good, I will leave after the May 22nd District final and join Rick...looks like the boys will be shifting back and the plans are not complete, but I hope to get a couple of days in, after missing out last year. We will see how that goes.

That does it for now.....back later>>>>

Photos-Top, the large colorful scoreboard at 5th/3rd Field in Dayton, and looking out at home plate where I would work for the next 2+ hours in the the outfield welcomes Graham and Bellefontaine to the Park. May 2008, at Mesick, Michigan, which was the last time I made the Spring Mushroom Hunt...Clint, Rick, and a 25 pounds heavier me...this year(like last) the hunt moves north some 90 miles to near the Boyne area....hopefully I can get in a day or 2 of hunting....


United Citizens Council said...

I was just wondering if any of them teams boycotted? Did anyone add "Los" on their jerseys? lol

Maybe in solidarity someone ate a taco or drank a Corona?

Okay, I'm not being too serious.

PRH....... said...

UCC: Just saw 4 left wing hacks on "The Sports Reporters" on ESPN hoping that Sports would take a stand against this 'evil' legislation....of course nobody on the majority(about 70% of real Americans) was there to debate the issue...

Freaking ESPN...should add "ESPN..Sports Tools of the Left" to there moniker...