Friday, May 14, 2010

Marathon Man....aka 14 Innings Behind the Plate

Despite a tornado watch, and a 80% chance of strong thunderstorms(which didn't develop locally), I headed for Convoy about 3:30 yesterday for the scheduled Sectional Baseball final in Division 4...a game between Fort Jennings and Antwerp, with the winner to move on to Coldwater for the District.

The Senior Fort Jennings pitcher(the grandson of my old Celina buddy Whitey Klosterman), walked the first batter, who came across to score without the benefit of a hit, after that he was lights out....pitching the allowed 10 innings, giving up just a single, and another walk, before being taken off the mound(as High School Federation rules mandate)...Fort Jennings tied the game at 1 on their last scheduled at bat in the bottom of the 7th...on a suicide squeeze no less.

The game moved on, finally reaching the 14th inning, where Jennings would push across the winning run on a misplayed double to right...2-1 the final, Antwerp pitching was equal to Fort Jennings, and the game was the longest of my High School umpiring career.

Up until this time, I had done a 13 inning game in the field, and a 10 inning game behind the plate, making it the longest I can remember. Despite the inning length, the pitching was such(only a total of 4 walks and 11 hits total in 14 innings) that the game was only 55 minutes old when the 7th inning ended up going 2 hours 40 minutes, which would make it a long game in the regulation 7 inning contest...but a quick moving and interesting game to work....despite the length of it, I never lost concentration, or got bored. I was however glad to see it right knee was feeling the effects squatting down for that much baseball.

When I got home, I poured myself outback with a bottle of Guinness Extra Stout and a good cigar.....a 1876 Torpedo...a few minutes after I sat down, Garry showed up with a 6 pack of speciality beers, mixed variety...we sat and finished those over the next 90 minutes and discussed baseball....he had worked a regular season game at Fort Recovery, and we are scheduled to work a regular season game tomorrow together at Bluffton against Napoleon, both teams are still in the District hunt.

Tonight I am at Fort Jennings....less than 24 hours after finishing up their game that lasted 14 innings, as they play a Putnam County League game against Ottoville...needless to say, I plan on asking my partner to do the dish(plate) knee needs a rest.

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United Citizens Council said...

14 innings, wow. I would have been telling myself that I am too old for this. I'm younger than you, just lazy.

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

How bad was your back after 14??

PRH....... said...

Went a full 7 tonight guys....back feels great, games tomorrow, Monday, and the Districts start later next week....

It's great to feel better at 61 than I did at is good!