Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

Gang, I am taking the weekend off(unless something real exciting comes up)...with the rains pushing back the Regional Baseball Tournament Finals back to tomorrow, the Mrs Houseworth being with her family in Wisconsin, and me doing the what I need to do here at home.

I honor the Memory of all of my fellow War Veterans, and salute those Veterans both of whom have served and are serving now. And a flip of the Middle Finger at our so-called Commander-in-Chief, Barack Insane Obama...the "man" who is selling our country out....and his supporters.

We are on the cuspis of a "real" change...Obama and company just haven't figured it out yet....Salute to the Real Americans...and screw the low lifes and invaders that want to bring us down to their levels. We know what this weekend is about, and where "our" country has to go to return to it's glory days.

I will post if I feel a need, otherwise enjoy the long weekend.

Back at you later>>>>

Remember the American Veterans...not the American Politicians, on this Memorial Day Weekend:

March 2010 Vietnam Security Police of the Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, Ohio, March 2010: Left to Right....Wayne DeZarn, 632nd SPS Binh Thuy, AB, RVN, 1967-68, Rick Adams, 823rd Safeside 1969-70, RVN, Mike Tillman, 366th SPS, Phan Rang, AB, RVN, 1966, Sam Lewis, 35th SPS, Phan Rang AB, RVN 1967-68, Jack Smith 377th SPS Tan Son Nhut 1967-68, and Pat Houseworth 14th SPS, Nha Trang 1969, and 377th SPS Tan Son Nhut 1970----Remember what Memorial Day is all about!


United Citizens Council said...

Its hard to believe the man would skip Memorial Day at Arlington after giving a press conference (first in over 300 days) without any US flags around.

Is there anything about this guy that is wired properly?

PRH....... said...

He's a low life American Hating fool UCC, it's plain and simple, and everybody but his most rabid supporters(about 25% of the population) finally have him figured out.

Enjoy the weekend!

Cookie..... said...

I whole-heartedly second your thoughts regarding our ASSHOLE President and the rest of his ungrateful ilk!!

Aside from my posted anger at our "illustrious" leaders, its been a great weekend for Cookie and family. Attended our NY State Watch-Fire last night and over 10,000 were in attendence. A moving and somber experience. Hope yur weekend went well also Mate!!

PRH....... said...

Barry is THE Biggest AHOLE in the Western World...but then again, we figured that out long ago.

Salute to you on your Memorial Day Weekend Cookie!