Monday, December 31, 2012

A :Look Back at 2012....part #3

With still a foot of snow on the ground, and no melting in site, we are in for another inch of snow this afternoon and this evening...just in time for the drunks to hit the roadways...hopefully most will use a Designated Driver, and not take out some innocents on this, the last day of the for me, I'm sure I will be sacked away by the Midnight hour....seldom make it to the Ball Falling in Times Square anymore....and don't miss the New Year's Day hangovers one damn bit.  For the second straight year we will miss any party at Rick's in Northern Indiana.  Last year my accident en route was the problem, this year, the host's health issues, still not quite resolved, will push back any get together for our little tomorrow it will be me, Patricia, Anissa home for a few hours, and football on the tube, that I can live with.

2012 part 3....

As fall began, and several family member hospital visits were behind us...I began the high school and lower level football season working with a regular crew, not something I really had wanted{preferring to fill in on my own time and choosing which games and crews I wanted to work with}.  As a Line Judge I would work the home team sidelines, and as luck would have it...I was privy to a couple of coaches who I consider some of the biggest horse's asses in the business.  Not one for putting up with that kind of conflict, I managed to survive the first 7 weeks of the season before a foot injury put my season at an end, some three weeks before it was supposed to be finished.

I had been fighting a heel issue called Plantar Fasciitis and struggling to keep up with the finally came down to week #5 at Lima, when I injured it more severely, and I struggled/hobbled through the next week and more.  The end came on a cold, rainy, 7th week at Paulding, when early in the contest with Allen East, my foot gave out and I slipped forward on my face...the result was stretched ligaments and tendons in that left foot...with the foot taped I finished off the game, but was done for the season.  I was told to take 8 weeks off...I took six before beginning basketball.  The foot, at least the heel part, is still hurting, but for the most I can get up and down the court, but certainly at a reduced speed...not that I ever had much of that in recent years anyway.

On the positive sides of the last few months of 2012, we got to spend plenty of time with grandson Kasyn over the Holidays, Sam, after 6 months of interviews found, not one, but two offers to work...and ended up taking a job in the Chicago area...not in insurance, but with a major company as a Operations Inventory Specialist...lots of math and spread sheets involved.  So hopefully the upcoming "Fiscal Cliff" will not effect his employment...he is just getting settled in, has found an apartment close to work, and is enjoying his new life.

Hal, his wife Lisa, and Son, are doing well...both parents have good jobs, and face the future financially, like everybody else...with apprehension....meanwhile "The K-Man" is still well ahead of the curve in growth and size...he was walking before he was a year old and is really a heallthy, active, and alert kid.

Anissa went through some changes with the groups that work with handicaps adults, but seems to be adjusting.  What the future holds for her and the rest of the folks with major mental and physical disabilities remains to be seen in the age of Obama, anything that the Kenyan Marxist Bastard does to destroy people and the Republic would not surprise me.  It is still amazing how a dimwitted half breed Marxist, can become President of this once great nation, it should surprise me...but considering how far down the path of destruction, and how far we have dumbed down the populace, I am no longer surprised at the trash we elect and worship.  I do not have any good will towards those that voted for this idiot, nor do I have much confidence that we as a nation will survive in a manner that our forefathers envisioned.

After Patricia's health issues in the Summer, she decided to take the bull by the horns and lose some pounds that she had acquired over the past few years....and my hat's off to her, as the year ends, and working on a Diet called "Medifast", she is now at levels she was when we got married some 36 years ago.  As for me?  After being diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes 2 a little over 3 years ago, I dropped 35 pounds, the last year or so, I have slowly crept back up the fat scale...gaining about half of that at just around 200 pounds on Christmas Day, I kicked in the diet and have lost 5 pounds...and another 20 or so is what I would like to lose.  Since I cut back on the Dark Beers, I should get that done by Baseball least I keep telling myself that.

Meanwhile with 60 or so basketball games yet to officiate, and lifting weights 3 times per week...I hope to stay healthy in 2013...I don't make resolutions, I just set a few goals and work my way towards them.

That's it...the good and bad for 2012, it could have been better, but then again, it could have been a whole lot worse....

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Photos-After last year's mostly "Snowless" Winter, this winter, is looking more like the one of 2009-2010 pictured here...My heel problems during football season, was one of a handful that beset the family in 2012...Grandson Kasyn, just a month old last Christmas, was able to enjoy and participate in full this year...and hopefully next year will really get into the spirit of it is is with his dad, Hal Houseworth, during a break on our Polar Express Train Ride in Lebanon, Ohio...GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, and his running mate Paul Ryan were in Celina a week or so before the election.  This good man lost, only because we as a nation are no longer good, we have become a Nanny State Nation of freeloaders and fools, how else  could a Democratic Republic elect and evil bastard like Barack Obama?  Patricia and I celebrated 36 years of marriage in December, my wife back to the same size she was the day we got married...Me?  Just a few pounds back above that time, but working to get it back down.

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