Monday, December 10, 2012

Wet Weekend, December Milestones...

It's still cloudy, damp, and cool, this Monday morning....much like the past few day in total...nary a peek of sun since last Thursday past.  About 8:30 last evening, one loud bolt of lighting, accompanied by a loud short blast of thunder, knocked out power for just a second or two...then more rain, washed the fog away....leave us with this morning and the damp and rather cold conditions.  Tomorrow looks to be the coldest day of the week, mid 30s, followed by a low in the 20s, but some sun and middle 40s are on tap for the rest of the week, hardly unpleasant weather for early to mid December.

December, "The Month" in Our Family.....

Oldest son Sam headed for the Chicago western bergs Saturday morning, while I was officiating at Crestview...beginning his new job/career this morning, he is staying with a fellow employee, whom he has known for a number of years...until he can grab an apartment that suits his needs.  That will probably happen about the first of January, and if that comes about, Nick and I will pack his stuff up and head that way the first weekend in January.

Meanwhile Sam's first week of work, as Operations Inventory Specialist, begins simply enough....after orientation this morning, he flies out to Vegas this afternoon, to hook up with his supervisor, as the company opens a new operation in Nevada.  Las Vegas is a town Sam and I both visited more than a few times during out years of delivering RVs around the country....but this time, it will be strictly for business, and not likely much time for casino fun....still not a bad way to begin what we all hope will put his years of study in the Actuarial Science field at Ohio State University to good use...because he will begin paying off those Student Loans in short order.  Lucky for Sam over half of his college expenses were taken care of via Grants, which he earned for his mathematical skills....but he still has "bills to pay" and hopefully this is the beginning of that process.

Sam's new job/career is just another in a long line of December milestones in our family.....

Those include, Patricia and I met in December 1973, were married in December, on the 18th of 1976, Sam being born on 12/17/84, also dad, Stan Houseworth born 95 years ago today on December 10, 1917, passing away on Christmas Eve of 1972, just a couple of weeks past his 55th birthday.  Grandma Houseworth born in December, her daughter Aunt Cecil, my first cousins Linda and Gary both born in December, Gary also passed away in December just 3 years ago, my Uncle Bill DeVore born in December of 1925, cousin Paul Pratt....and a boat load of others birthdays, deaths, and other "milestones" to numerous to remember or list....yes, December is a month to remember, including last December when my niece Molly and husband Aaron had their first son, Luke, born just a couple weeks after our first Grandchild Kasyn.

This week will be busy and another test on my foot, which survived pretty well last week's on court activities in basketball....tonight at Paulding for a girls junior high double header, tomorrow the same Paulding teams visit Spencerville, and I'll be there for those games...back to Spencerville on Thursday for a JV Girls contest, and Saturday more female hoops at Lima Central Catholic, that one a JH double header in the week it a mix of boy Boys and Girls games, before cutting back for the week of Christmas, with just one game that week.

The posting has been "spotty and erratic" to say the least, and will likely remain so for the remainder of December....a busy month not only because of the Christmas/Holiday Season, but the afore mentioned "Milestones" in the family.

back later>>>>

Photos-A large bolt of December Lightning knocked out the lights for a few seconds last night...Dad, Stan Houseworth would have turned 95 he is on leave at Scott, Ohio, back in 1942...Grandson Kasyn {left} and his cousin Luke will be a bit more active this their second Christmas...last year the K-Man was just a month old, and Luke just a couple of weeks....both boys are growing fast, and doubtless, like their dads, will be in the larger 1 year old group this Christmas...plenty of basketball to test my sore feet and ankles this week.

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