Monday, December 17, 2012

School Shootings, Reactions to Same, and Falling Numbers...

The Holiday month of Christmas has always been a "slow" month on the blog scene and number of people that stop by....but the last month and the first half of this December has been the slowest time I can remember since I re-installed the counting system.  Holiday time is of course part of it...but I'm just as sure the utterly boring posts are the major reason.  Frankly however, it is what it is....and this month will likely see less than 3000 visitors, the lowest since the summer of 2009.  I really am not interested in grinding out political rants by the day, which is how my numbers rose to the 5000 or so month that I peaked at a year or more ago, in addition to the visitors, which ranged from those 4 to 5 thousand, the monthly pages viewed reached  the 6000 to 7000 mark....this year?  With Christmas and New Year's Eve still to go, I will struggle to reach 3000 visitors and less than 4000 pages be it!

I made a conscious effort to cut back to 3 or 4 posts a week, I also made an effort to cut back on my political rants, saving those for Twitter and, at least for a day, I will break that mode.

The Connecticut School Shootings and the Aftermath....

Friday Morning all Hell broke loose in Newtown, Connecticut....the aftermath of that tragedy continues this morning, and the political fallout will be in the news for days, weeks, and months, beyond.

Make no mistake this is a tragedy of the likes which we haven't seen in many years in the country....also make no mistake, the current resident of the White House and his ghoulish supporters, in and out of Government, will make every effort to turn this into political capital.  Obama will use this opportunity to shore up his base, and grab power from his enemies...that would be you, me, and anybody that believes as we do.  Obama and his supporters despise the First and Second Amendments, and will do anything in their power to destroy both.

From the moment I saw the Kenyan wipe away his Crocodile Tears on Friday afternoon, until his speech last knew he was thinking his Saul Alinsky best..."How can I turn this tragedy into political gain"?  And so it begins, from the loony left wing bloogers, to the political hacks in DC and the various liberal state houses..."How can we get guns out of the hands of Freedom Fighters and Real Americans"?

They will spare no effort or media outlet to "get our guns", all in the name of Gun Control, all the while feigning "shock and outrage"...I'm calling "Bullshit" on all of them....including some in my own Vietnam Group...weakling liberals they are.  Guys that were sent to war by a corrupt left wing President named Johnson, are now falling on their swords to protect and follow another left wing American/Freedom hating Son of a Bitch, who likely isn't even legally President....fools and followers to the bowels of Hell come in all shades, shapes, and backgrounds.

The outrage, mostly fake, by the left, will continue for awhile, and once they are defeated by the NRA and Conservatives in their efforts to "get their guns", they will roll back and use guerrilla tactics until the so called Conservatives or the John Roberts Court caves, and gives them what they demand.  Make no mistake, the GOP in DC will cave, and likely the Roberts{who has proved he is an Obama tool} Court will do likewise.

Meanwhile the sadness that saw some loser, who should have been in locked up in treatment, destroyed the lives of dozens of families will fade from the will become all about gun control, and how Obama and his minions can gain political power from another American Tragedy. After all, a country as divided as the former United States of America, cannot last for long in it's current condition.

My advice?  I really don't have much..the anti gun loons will continue to blame guns and not the perps, so the best I can add is....get to your local and state Gun Show, and buy what you can as far as home protection and ammo, because as sure as the Left and Right will continue to divide this country, you are going to need protection for you, your family, and property....don't count on the Government in any form to do it for you.

God Bless the Lost Children of Sandy Hook, and we can only hope they are in a better place...because America as we know it is death, both in spirit and soul.

Happy Birthday Sam____

Second born Child and oldest son, Sam Houseworth turns 31 today....he is also in the Chicago area, starting his new job....he actually began last week, but after orientation, he was flown to Vegas as the company opened a new operation.  The company used that to show him the ropes, and now back in the Chitown area, he begins to find out exactly what lies ahead....let's hope it's not the Obama caused "Fiscal Cliff"....

Happy Birthday son, and good luck in your new life, back later>>>>

Photos-I have been around guns for all of my 63+ years....the 12 ga shotgun I am holding in the top photo is still in the family and has been for over 100 years, I don't recall anybody in the family using it in a reckless manner.  Make no mistake, an unarmed, defenseless citizenry is a nation of slaves and fools.....Gun Control works only for those in power, who aim to keep that power.....and finally Sam Houseworth, nearly 30 years ago, lots of memories have come since his birthday back in 1981...

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