Thursday, December 27, 2012

"The Blizzard" part 2

Not sure yesterday's event really is what I call a "Blizzard" but in today's fake science called Global Warming, or Climate Change, and the NBC owned Non-Weather Channel, the folks in the weather predicting industry will go to no lengths, including naming stupid winter storms, to make drama out of everyday weather events.

@ 7:45am 12/27/12

Not sure what the final totals will be for the storm....out and about yesterday, blowing and shoveling, it appeared in the protected areas that we may have received 8 or 9 inches tops....the level 3(top tier) emergency for Mercer County has been reduced to a level 2, and the wind have died down from the 40+mph gusts to more manageable levels....although I have not been outside of the city limits, I suspect the back roads are still pretty well ice and snow covered.  Living in town for the past 22 years, it is indeed a different world than our days in northern Wisconsin(late 1970s), where we were 8 miles from Merrill and another 20 for Wausau, living on the Marathon/Lincoln County Line Road...and even during our decade(1980-90) on Coldwater Creek, 3 miles south of Celina, it was much different than in the city.  Even a small city of 11,000 like Celina makes a world of difference than living in the rural area.

This morning we will head over to mom's and Patricia and I will shovel out her area...I've got two snow blowers, mine and mom's, but no way to get them over there, since we don't have a van these days...and I'm not putting them in the Nitro, they would not be a good fit....guess it's time to buy a trailer to haul behind, that way the Nitro can be used to take the various snow machines and lawn mowers back and forth between our place and her house.

@ 1pm....

Pretty much came to the conclusion that the "Blizzard", as far as blizzards go, really wasn't much to brag about....Patricia and I dropped Anissa off at MRSI about 9:30 this morning, then headed over to mom's...we managed to put her small Toro snow blower into the back of the Nitro, and after I gave it a shot of fresh gas, mixed at 50 to 1 with 2 stroke oil, it ran fine and dandy, and we were done with mom's carport and side walks in less than a half hour.  We then headed to Wally World to pick up some ice melt, headed back to mom's and got that spread out...our snow duties done for now. 

It appears the snow on the ground will stick around for the foreseeable future, as the thermometer is not supposed to move above 30 for at least 10 days...that's OK, no radical warm or below zero conditions I can deal with.

On the plus side, we had purchased 13 month old grandson Kasyn, referred usually by me as "The K-Man" a blow up was reasonable compared to wood sleds, and is designed to last until the tyke is 2 or 3...all you can hope for is a few snow events so they family can use it...Kasyn got it on Christmas Eve, and as luck would have got to use it with Hal and Lisa yesterday with the half foot or so of snow they had down Centerville way....Ring one up for the Good Guys!

So there you have it...a nice snow event, without major problems, and no week long stuck in the house days....not a Big Blizzard, but the kind you can live with and enjoy.

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