Friday, December 21, 2012

The First Day of Winter....

Winter has arrived, on both the calender and weather you can see from today's photo, the Nitro, sitting in the same location, at Windy Point on Grand Lake's south side, the conditions are a bit different that the photo from yesterday...the was from last Summer past, today 50 mph winds are blowing the snow, albeit only and inch or two, around big time.  Lucky we are for the small amount of white we would be buried if the rain of yesterday had been snow instead.

Windy Point, living up to it's name on this
                                                                                     official day of Winter:

After clearing the snow off the sidewalks and Dodge Nitro, I headed out to the lake to see how the roads were, and what the windy and snow looked like...not enough snow to make it look winter-like or to assure us a White Christmas, but the outside air, at 30 degrees, with those winds, certainly felt like the middle of January, as opposed to the first full day of Winter.  US 127 was indeed slippery with icy and packed snow, where the open fields abutted the highway, the Nitro, while certainly not the Jeep Wrangler of my past{as I found out last January 2nd}, still held it's own on the US and state highway, as I made my way through Montezuma and parked in the Windy Point park...the strong northwest winds coming across the murky waters of the 13,000 acre lake, felt, well felt cold, damn cold!

I didn't stay long, and headed back north on 127 taking a right turn to West Bank Road, where the Park on that dead end, is much more protected from the wind, and the snow was much cleaner as it wasn't being blown by the winds...I got out of the SUV and snapped a few more photos...nothing special, but it did give me something to show I was out on the first day of winter 2012-13.

As far as I know the games at Spencerville still on, despite most of the area schools being closed, but the icy roads, and strong winds....I'll check again however before making the 20 mile drive.  Meanwhile Sam has delayed his drive back from Chicago until tomorrow morning, it will be a quick turn around to pick up some more of his stuff, and probably head to Columbus tomorrow afternoon for the OSU/Kansas Basketball game...he works Christmas Eve, and then plans on visiting his Grandparents in Wisconsin Christmas Day....if that state's blizzard has been cleared, the area where they live, Oconomowoc received a foot or more of snow in some places....they can have that, snow is not a thrill for me, and if I don't have to use the snow blowers any more that I did last season{one time}, that would be fine with me.

And I guess I would be remiss, if I didn't mention, here it is 12/21/12{and December 22nd in Asia} and the World Still Stands....Guess the Mayan's really were not predicting the end of mankind?

Enjoy the weekend....back later>>>>

Photos-The Nitro at Windy Point, Montezuma, Ohio...The wind whips the waves at the WP Beach, passing a Semi on 127 heading through the snow, wet roads, and wind back towards Celina...and bottom, The State Park at West Bank Road, was much more serene than at "Windy" Point, which is living up to it's name today.

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