Monday, April 27, 2015

Another Successful Dayton "Mini Reunion"....2015

Back from Dayton, Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Air Force we held a Vietnam/Thailand reunion for the guys that served back during the war as Air Force Security Police.

Five of us got together back in February 2007 and since that cold, snowy day, every year since 2009, we have gathered, the past 5 or 6 of those at the Hope Hotel on WPAFB....with the highlight being a day on Saturday at the Air Force Museum....the gang, despite our advancing ages, continues to grow.

This year 50+ spent at least part of the reunion with us, and 38 Sky Cops, wives and guests were at the banquet on Saturday Night at the Hope.....

Photos-The Majority of the guys that attended the reunion, this was taken at our annual gathering point, the Defender Fortis Statue at the West Grounds of the Air Force Museum. 

Patricia and I, another Mike Helton Photo from Saturday Night at the Banquet....
and finally the surprise Sky Cop Bust they presented me
on Saturday for the years Bob Griffith and I have led the
Mini Reunion at the Hope Hotel on WPAFB.

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sam said...

Good Reunion and a well deserved reward .