Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Part #6....Solo Ride Moab

 ^^^^My View of "Pecker Pass" somewhere along the routes around Moab...the days and photos were all starting to blend together by Thrusday, when I took out for my Solo Ride...

 After spending the last week-plus of March in the dry and warm days, and dry and cool nights in the Moab area of Utah, the reality of Spring in Ohio, especially April, and the usually lousy weather, has come calling....and to say the least, it stinks.   April in Ohio is usually wet, sometimes, like this year, really, really, wet, sometimes{mostly} cold, and on occasion warm, but still usually windy and wet....with the first week in the books and the forecast for the rest of the month, and into May, this may be the year we get few baseball games in, and fewer crops in as the area farmer's would like....either way, it has not started out good at all.

Fog, followed by heavy thunderstorms, this morning....and more rain and heavy storms for tomorrow....hopefully a couple of dry and windy days to end the week...but after that,  rain will come calling again....and the foreseeable future looks bleak. 

No game tonight scheduled, not that it would matter....tomorrow far north, with Garry for a Green Meadows Conference Game, but that looks doubtful....Spencerville is scheduled for Friday, and a Triple Header at Van Wert is on the agenda for Saturday.....IF?

Thursday March 26th at Moab....Solo Ride...

The week was winding down, and I was determined to get some riding and photo taking it when I awoke on Thursday morning....Kurt had loaned his TW to Fred, Nick and Paul, didn't seem to interested in riding, and Weasel?  Well who knows what a 24 year old is thinking?

Fred and some of the "Larry's"{there were 3 of them} along with Doc Mike and others, were doing some long distance riding....through more challenging areas than I was ready to I decided to  go it the time I decided to head out, the rest of the KOA gang decided to do show shopping in Moab City.   I headed out, and decided I had not gotten the photos I wanted along Kane Creek I decided to do the 50 miles or so that would take me on both roads on each side of the creek.....I ended up doing about 3 hours before ending in the early afternoon, and doing some "shopping" of my own.  T-shirts and a Moab Coffee Cup for Patricia and Anissa....couple for myself as well.

{Wednesday Night had seen the KOA crew back at the North Camp, where Mel fixed dinner once again....he was making Spaghetti with a large helping of hamburger to go with the sauce and grated cheese, Kurt and I did our small{very} part, bringing along several loaves of somewhat fresh local breads, which largely went untouched...because the crew was to busy finishing off the Spaghetti and Meat Sauce....

The drive back highlighted by Nick driving past the waiting carry out server at Wendy's was another highlight...can't really give the story justice, but suffice to say, it was one of the classic "memory moments" of the trip...short and simple, but it had us all in stitches.  The look on the Wendy Server Guy was priceless and Nick rolled by him, with Weasel's food bag in hand, was priceless}.

Thursday night back at the KOA, our gang along with new guy, Paul from Wyoming decided to hit the BBQ place a few hundred yards down the road and have one last "sit down" meal
together...the week was sadly winding down, and we had one full day of packing, along with a few beers and a cook out to go....some of the gang would be leaving on Friday, others had left Wednesday and Thursday....the week at Moab was flying by...

Tomorrow....The Final Day at Moab 2015>>>>>back later

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