Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Moab Part #5...Mel's Diner and Mel's Ride

Slid in another game last night, meaning I have got 6 of 8 in so far....despite the weather.  Things don't look good for the rest of April however, calling for rain of some sort for 20 or so of the final 23 days of the month...a hit in the paychecks looms, but I learned long ago, never to count my games before they begin....tonight here is Celina, and even with the artificial infield, I have doubts if this one is gonna happen.

Part # 5 , Mel....

Our oldest rider at Moab was Mel, a 70 something veteran rider from San Luis Obispo, California....Mel, his two TWs and RV were parked out in the North Camp, some 20 miles, more or less, from our KOA sort on the south side of Moab...Mel was limited to  riding due to an old right arm and hand injury, but he did ride a bit, and was instrumental in keeping the north side crew fed, and we south siders joined him on a couple of occasions as well.....Mel knows how to toss out a feast....

After our ride to and up the Kane Creek Rim on Tuesday, our plans included some old fashion grade A steaks cooked on the outside grill, along with fixins' at Mel's RV site ....the meat was as good as it gets, a few beers to wash it down, along with salad and sides, made this the best food of the trip, and that is to say nothing bad about the few meals we had at the KOA and downtown Moab....those were excellent as well, but Mel's steaks and spaghetti, a couple of nights later, were special.

After a few hours breaking bread with the north side group, we headed back to the KOA....it had been decided that Wednesday would be "Mel's Ride"....as Mel himself said his riding would be limited, but he would lead the way....another trip up Kane Creek Road and Rim were in order....I decided I would ride as far as Mel, and head back to Moab...Nick, it seems, was in no hurry to climb the steep cliffs and agreed to head back with Mel and me.

We, a dozen and more of us, decided to meet at the Moab McDonald's at 10:30 in the morning, and head to the rim from there...

Taking the paved road along the creek side the way Fred, Kurt, and I, had done the day before, we  proceeded into the slicken dirt roads, across a couple of small water crossings, and finally stopping for a group photo before the rest of the gang headed up the trail from the day before with my close calls and "Betty Boop's" demise...Mel, Nick, and I, would head back to the McDonald's for a long talk about riding, families, and life, as the rest headed into the cliffs, dirt, and rocks, where they would ride for several more hours...after our chat with Mel and a cup of coffee, Nick and I headed to one of the local watering holes for a couple of craft brews and a bite to eat.

Eddie's was a place we frequented while at Moab:


While the riding was short for me that Wednesday, the beers and the weather remained pretty well perfect....another day in the 70s and plenty of sun, with no rain, just like the rest of the 8 days .... outstanding!

Frankly I'm not sure what I did the rest of the day Wednesday....but mostly back at the KOA Cabin and I enjoyed the sunshine and a few beers, this I know for sure.

Tomorrow....Part #6  Solo Ride

Photos-Top Mel with suspenders, overseeing the campfire, and checking out Fred's Nuts Award while the steaks were cooking on the grill...(2) The Required Group Photos arriving at the stopping off point for Mel's Ride....Mel, Nick, and me, would head back the rest would get some serious riding in....(3) BSing around the North Camp Fire, as Mel fixed the meal...(4) Looking over Mississippi Dan's{or is it Louzeeanna Dan} large gas tanked TW....and at the McDonald's in Moab(5)....Kurt checking out Fred's Kamikaze Head Gear....

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