Friday, June 11, 2010

Another Round of Rain/Heavy Rain!

GM and I got our game in at Convoy last night...a 9-8, 2 hour 45 minute marathon...but at least we got the game completed. Tonight and the weekend hence, doesn't look all that promising, to say the least.

Patricia and I awoke to the sound of thunder and the crash of lightning about 7:30 this morning, here it is past 9am, and the thunder and dark clouds, with accomping rains, are still with us, and on the radar...seems it doesn't matter if the weather is north or south of the Grand Lake area, we having been getting hit hard, and today, at least this morning is no exception.

This of course plays havoc with the Summer Baseball season, whether it's ACME, American Legion, or the summer wooden bat college leagues, that Sam his slated to do in the Columbus Area this weekend. Needless to say the kids games, Little and Pony Leagues are getting hit the hardest, those baseball diamonds are always the last to dry....

As you can see from the Radar at the top, the rain, although not wide spread, is hitting us hard...the dark reds are the worst, and we have a good sized pond in the east side yard...and frankly our house and yard are among the highest points in Celina...if we get some rain in the basement(still in it's 1923 mode), you know we have had too much rain.

Game tonight at Russia(Rue-She) for me, looks "iffy" at best, Sam is to be home for ACME at Convoy tonight, a double header tomorrow in Celina, and then 3 College Wood Bat games at Capital University in Columbus, for Sunday...the extended forecast is not promising, although Columbus will be spared this first salvo of storms. I am scheduled to umpire the Ottawa Run American Legion Tournament up north this weekend, something I've done for the past 10 years...4 games in 2 days, but those look "threatned" at this point as well.

Only time and Mother Nature will tell....back later>>>>
Photos-The Radar as it looked about an hour 8:30am, it has not improved since...and the dark clouds north and east of the front porch.


Cookie..... said...

We've been have'n nuthin but cold weather and rain fer about a week now. DAMN!

BTW, been mean'n t'ask ya, was that 1975 picture in sidebar taken in Oneida Lake, NY?? I know you were stationed near there.

PRH....... said...

Although I spent many a summer day on the east side of Oneida Lake Cookie...those were back in the early 1970s...the 75 photo is from Higgins Lake in north central Lower Michigan...a place where Patricia and I used to camp quite often, before and even on occasion, after the kids came along.

Cookie..... said...

OK, couldn't be sure. Most lakes look alike but I knew you had been in the area somewhere's around that time. Do you recall the Sylvan Beach Amusement Park there? Its still there, with some updated improvements of course. That was there when I was a kid 40's-50's. Whew! Where the hell did the time go?

Deborah Wilson said...


Sunday morning, 9:45, and already it is 83 degrees. The humidity here has been terrible for the past week - makes it feel like 110 - and makes it hard to breathe. I'm preparing for the long hot dry spell that I know is coming soon (or should).

The south has been getting a lot rain too - but the bad storms have stayed west and north of my area.

The past two years have been unusually rainy - mold and moss are everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop.