Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Brief Respite from the Monsoons of June

A brief shower hit the Grand Lake Area yesterday morning about 7:30...then the skies cleared and the humidity was lowered, and our 3 week miserable hot and wet weather came to an end, for at least 72 hours. Today will mark only the 3rd day in the past 22(by my count) that will go without rain, by tomorrow night, it could return, then the next 5 or 6 days are calling for heat and at least a chance of a storm each day...guess I better get out and enjoy it while I can.

Without a baseball game, due to cancellations and/or rain since Saturday...I am scheduled for a ACME League game at Lima Perry tonight, nothing tomorrow, then we will see what the weekend scheduled, along with showers.

In the meantime, I did managed to watch some World Cup Soccer(akin to watching paint dry) and finally got around to trimming the brush and weeds, while Patricia edged the sidewalks around the house....and we have plenty of sidewalk area, both along the streets, and in the back yard to clear up...she had the hardest of the two tasks.

With the sun out....the flowers are coming out, and the Sunflowers are beginning to stand tall...the attached photos are from the new crop of late Spring/early Summer buds around the house.

Meanwhile...with at least one good sun filled less humid day in the forecast....I am out of here...

back later>>>>

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