Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who Will Stop the Rain?

I've always said, "When you have nothing to talk about except the Weather, you don't have much to say"...that has been the story of the past few weeks, as Spring moves into Summer. Not much going on, except the Heat, Humidity, and continued rains in the Heartland. After a 60 hour respite, with Thursday being the only completely rain free day in, the storms were brewing across the Midwest again last night.
Reminds me of an old Creedence Clearwater tune from the early 70s:

The Radar turned an ugly Red as the initial storm passed through Chicago into northern Indiana and lower arrived dark and ugly into West Central Ohio about 9pm. We got the winds, some brief heavy rains, and major damage that I have heard of...unlike Chicago, where the Sears Tower lost a number of windows.

A second band of storms moved through early this morning, and now the sun is back out with accompanying heat and humidity, which comes at us with a vengeance....and Summer doesn't officially begin until Monday.

The Weather, along with team cancellations, is putting a crimp in my Cigar and Beer fund for the season...counting 3 double headers I have had a total of 9 games cancelled in the past week...a tidy sum of cash in the $500 neighborhood. You expect rain outs in the Spring season of High School Baseball, usually not so much during June...this year is the exception, and it's keeping me home and frankly bored. As the song goes "too hot to fish".....double header cancelled today, nothing tomorrow, and back to rain when the first day of Summer arrives on Monday...just in time to put a damper on another round of baseball...Damn!

Patricia is in Dayton at a school related meeting this morning, and Sam is playing Softball in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he said the friends he was staying with when they arrived last night were without power...seems they got hit worse than us....Anissa, Me, the Airedale, and Cat, are "Home Alone"...enjoying the A/C and watching the boring assed World Cup. The USA doesn't play again until Wednesday in a must win situation agains you move on, lose you are done, and a leave your fate in other teams hands.

Like I said...not a lot going on, as you can tell, but I will return...

back later>>>>>

Photos-NOT from last night storms..the Sears Tower gets hit by Lightning...and a funnel cloud forms along the Ohio-Indiana Border(photos from and


Deborah Wilson said...

I wish it would rain here - we've been getting 'little showers' every now and then but nothing major.

With the heat up into the 90's and the humidity so high, being outdoors is almost unbearable. Last week it was so bad that after an hour outside you was soaking wet, one could wring their t-shirt out.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Happy Father's Day to you. Spending time with family. Good stuff

'nette said...

Happened on your blog thru a search today and have a few things I want to say...(you've heard this before, I know). First, THANK YOU for serving!!! I was only in diapers then, but I appreciate it, thank you.
Second, love the music. Grew up with hippie big brothers so this brings me back...
Third, thank you for the links. Looking forward to checking into them more. Like your Obama nickname, btw.
Lastly, I live in Celina. Little surprised you don't have comments about Grand Lake and the things our community and esp state is doing to pull together and bring it back to what it needs to be (ok, a bit of sarcasm here, sigh - maybe if we wouldn't COUNT on our gov't so much we could know that WE need to do the work...).
Keep blogging! :)

PRH....... said...

Hey Nette...just check out the Grand Lake additions on the bottom of the treads...I've got quite a few things to say about our Mistakes on the Lake....thanks for stopping by.