Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Monsoons of June take down Touchdown Jesus!

Another group of powerful storms blew through the Midwest last night, and Western Ohio from Van Wert To Cincinnati were affected...we got our share in the Grand Lake area as well...probably upwards of 2 or 3 inches, depending on location. I'm counting 16 of 18 days with at least some rain...and things have not ended yet...more on the Radar for later today and tonight.

TD Jesus Goes Up in Flames____

Near Mason, Ohio,(Home of Kings Island Amusement Park) on Interstate 75 between Dayton and Cincinnati for the past 6 years has set what has come to be known as "Touchdown Jesus". The 62 foot statue that appears out of the water at the Solid Rock Church, has been an Internet sensation since 2004...that is until early this morning, when it, or what's left of it, became a world wide sensation. "Touchdown Jesus" is now just a stick figure, after a lighting strike took it out during the storms that came through last night and early this morning:

As a Christian, I have always thought this statue smacked of Idolatry, but it was a great conversation piece....you can be it will be even more so now that it's up in smoke. I am sure the Church will get enough donations to rebuild it bigger and better...and I cannot imagine the bottle neck traffic it will cause on I-75? Here are some after fire photos from the Dayton Daily News:

Hot and Humid it remains, with baseball being cancelled at every turn....this kind of weather, during the few "nice" weather times we get in this part of the world...frays and nerves and makes the time less enjoyable for sure...but it could be worse, we could live in Arkansas or Oklahoma City.
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Photos-Touchdown Jesus as seen before last night...video and photos of the aftermath can be found on the 2 links.

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