Tuesday, June 22, 2010

McChrystal Goes Rouge!

After the storms finished yesterday it turned out sunny enough to dry off the baseball diamond at Russia(Rue-She) Ohio, and we managed to get our Double Header in with visiting Sidney...only the 2nd and 3rd games I have umpired in the past 10 days, getting rained out or outright cancelled 8 of the past 9 scheduled contests. Russia won both ends of the double dip by the same 6-4 count.

The rains are not over, despite the short respite...it stormed again this morning, and more rain is in store through Thursday. Tonight I am scheduled to be in Celina, where the artificial turf makes the game at least a possibility to complete, depending on when the next batch of storms arrive in Mercer County. Sam, minus his Deer Wrecked Toyota,(see yesterday's blog post) is slated to do a game at Spencerville. Meanwhile the rain will not cool things off...92 on tap for today, 94 with humidity to match for tomorrow.

General Stanley McChrystal in Deep_____


I never really had much use for General Stanley McChrystal, Obama's hand picked General in charge of the Obummer's non war against Radical Islam....you see McChrystal is a self admitted Obama voter, and that automatically makes his less than smart, or anybody that I would respect. He's also a career(see lifer) Military Officer, another group that I have really never had much use or respect for. Nothing against today's military troops or their mission...It's just that I was a confirmed trouble maker during my 4 years as a Air Force Security Cop, some 4 and more decades ago. For every career type I respected, like my friend and boss, the late Phil Lange, there were at least 3 or 4 more that I would do my best to drive nuts...by refusing orders(get a haircut, shine those shoes, etc) I thought were petty. Sometimes "The Mission" I thought was pure Mission BS...and let the same be known. I knew I was not going to spend more than my allotted 4 years in service to my country....that kind of life(i.e. taking orders) was not in my make up. It's still not today.
Anyway back to McChrystal....Seems General Stan, decided to give an interview with the Left Wing unreadable rag known as "Rolling Stone"...what the Hell is with that? A military leader, the top dog in the war on terror, talking details with a Marxist Music publication that hates this country while at the same time worshipping the Kenyan and Thief. Not a good move Stan...especially if you are going to criticize the Son of a Bitch and his Marxist Staff, while giving that interview.

Here a a few hints Stanley, if King Barry allows you to keep your job:

(1) Never do one-on-one interviews with Left Wing outlets...you know, CBS, MSNBC, Time, er, Rolling Stone...you know, those media that hate the Military and hate America?

(2) Why Apologize to this Son of a Kansas Marxist Whore? You told the truth, and 2/3rds of American Voters agree with you...forget what the media, Islamics, radical college profs, or illegals think....they hate you!(and the rest of us Real Americans).

(3) Resign, before Obama fires you or makes you wear a set of Monica Lewinski knee pads while in his office...show some stones man, I'm sure many everyday troops in the Military support you, and might, just might, tell Obama, Biden, and Company, where to stuff his War on America!

According to all the National Polls, kicking Obama while he is down, seems to be great sport...and down he is:

I'm sure as Hell enjoying it.....saying "I told you so" 18 months after this big eared Bozo got elected by 52% of the voting fools, brings a warm feeling to my heart...but a cold wind still blows through the Republic....and we must be aware of what is in store until we can defeat Obama and the Far Left at the polls in the coming elections. If we can defeat him before 12 million illegals, voting in mass as Democrats, keep the far left in power.

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Photos-Hey General McChrystal! What the Hell were you thinking giving a one-on-one interview with Rolling Stoned...the non-journalistic Obama butt sniffing rag?

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Sarge Charlie said...

He did go rouge, not so sure it was not his way of saying I am not getting what I want and need to win, fire me and I will be free to seak my mind.......