Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jim Joyce's Blown Call/You can put away the Brooms Chi-Town, No Sweep For You!

Looks like sports is the topic for today...and my umpire work is not that topic...this first one is about a guy I met a few years ago..a Major League Umpire, and fellow Buckeye, Jim Joyce.

By all accounts Jim Joyce, a former ball player at Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio, is one of the better umpires in the game....I have always counted him as one of the top 10 I have seen in action. This may be because I met him a few years back, or because he is a friend of a couple of my acquaintances, former broadcast partner, "Wulfie" being one of them...last night however, changed the way Joyce will be perceived for decades to come...long after his career is finished:

To say he "blew" the call would be an understatement tenfold. The play was not even a "banger"...with a perfect game on the line for young Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers, even a close call should have been an out, as in,"When in doubt, call em' out"!

This wasn't even a tie goes to the runner...of course that is a myth anyway...ties do not go to the runner, in reality, there is no such thing as a tie, so unless the runner beats the ball to the bag, he is out, plain and simple. I feel bad for Galarraga...I feel even worse for Jim Joyce.

Here is more from Yahoozer Snooze: Check out the idiot comment on "tie goes to the runner"... again, no such rule!

MLB Commish Bud Selig needs to do the unthinkable and overrule the would make things right for both pitcher, fans, and Jim Joyce. He has the power, and in this rare case, Selig needs to do the right thing.

No Sweep for You, Black Hawks___

While that miscarriage of justice was taking place in Detroit, in Philadelphia, the Flyers were trying to hold on vs the Chicago Black Hawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Chicago took the first 2 games at home to move out to a 2-0 lead...both of those games were decided by 1 #3 would be no exception, except this one would go to Overtime, and the hometown Flyers would take it by a 4-3 count a few minutes into the extra session, as forward Claude Giroux scored.

Now standing at 2 games to 1...Philly still faces another "must win" situation to keep their legitimate hopes alive...regardless the Black Hawks will now have to go home at least for a game. Tomorrow night's game is back on VS Television...which in my opinion does a much better job than NBC, because they face less constraints. Here is video of the game winner:
Go Flyers!
The rains continued yesterday, although south of us in the Dayton and Cincinnati got the brunt of the downpours...more thunderstorms are slated for today, whether I get the game in at Crestview this afternoon remains in doubt. It looks like we are in for a cash crop of Mosquitoes this coming summer...have I ever mentioned, I hate wet weather? Makes me wonder why I never moved to a desert area to live.
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Photos-Umpire Jim Joyce and Detroit hurler Armando Galarraga's names will forever be linked together. Claude Giroux of the Flyers slips the game winning Overtime Goal past Chicago's Antti Niemi.


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