Thursday, July 8, 2010

Baseball and Summer...And Corn City, Ohio

I've gotta admit, even though baseball is by far my favorite sport to officiate...I am glad to see the light at the end of the season's tunnel. The heat and humidity of the past 2 weeks, combined with on average 10 games per week over that time, has this old body, no matter how good of condition I tell myself I am in for a 61 year old, wearing down a bit....I am glad to see the season is winding down, and by tomorrow(a rare day off), the weather will be less humid, and the contests less numerous through the end of the month.

I will head back to Leipsic this afternoon for another Putnam County ACME game in their Sectional/District umpire partner, Don, is a character for sure, he did the plate last night in a 11-1 Ottoville blow out of Miller City, which was completed in a 4 1/2 inning run rule. Tonight, I will put on the plate gear, and sweat my way through what should be a better game, a winner's bracket contest between the host team and rival Ottawa-Glandorf. There are some thunderstorms building along the approaching cold front, so those may play a part.

Yesterday I took along a change of clothes and called my old Horse Trainer buddy Tom, told him I would stop by after the game. So after the 1 hour 40 minute game, I headed north another dozen miles to Deshler, and we had a few welcome cold beers, and a burger at my favorite northern bar and grille..."The Corn City Bar". Always good food, a friendly staff, and plenty of cold Miller Lite. Tom and I hung around there until the Reds victory over the Mets was complete...and headed back to his place. I crashed did not wake up again until he had left at 6 to feed the horses and work the stables...I was on the road at 6:30 an back home by 8:30 this morning.

Deshler is well known for 3 things...Their successful high school sports teams at Patrick Henry High School(located between Deshler and Hamler), the trains, long and constant, that run through the small Henry County town, and it's nickname.."Corn City".

Today, I will meet for lunch with the staff of the MacOnline at 1, after a haircut at Noon, and then head back to north for my final game up that way...Saturday, Garry and I have a Regional Jr ACME double header here in Celina, then I'm off until Wednesday when I drive to Ada at Ohio Northern University for a Summer College game. A couple of Pony Tournaments that Sam and I do as a paid favor for the organizers, and I can hang up the baseball gear, and get ready for Football season, which begins in mid-August. And you can bet that will be hot as well, at least in the early stages.

Off to get the ears lowered....

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Photos-The Corn City Bar, a good place to grab a beer and eats...and Horse Trainer Tom, inside the establishment.


Larry said...

Saw my GodSon's team get whooped last evening 14-9 while sitting in 87-deg w likely 90% humidity. (Poor kids!) At end of 6-1/2 the field ump waved his arms and called the game due to their 5-run-lead rule and a scheduled game to be soon started. A week ago at another field the plate ump told me as we walked to the cars together that he was having a challenge calling pitches due to the setting sun in his eyes (I had mentioned same challenge for batters). That field could have easily been built CCW about 120-deg and seldom have a sun challenge.

PRH....... said...

Rain rolled through last night Larry..."killing" the game after 2 innings...back we go tonight, less sun and hopefully less humid.