Monday, July 19, 2010

Mexicans! And a Medical Checkup


Nope, not talking the folks that climb the fence or swim the Rio Grande in search of the American Dream, you know, getting benefits illegally, selling drugs, gang wars, or those that just come to pick the veggies or take care of "Joe Upper Crust's" lawns...I'm talking about Mexican Sunflowers....

I planted about a half dozen varities of sunflowers this year, from the Evening Mix, to Puffys, to the usual Mammoth.  Throw in the 30 bud wild one that sprang up in the mix, and I've tapped into quite a few different selections.  So far, the wild plant has started to get going, the big daddy mammoth are ready, but the rest are slow at the gate.  Probably because of the wet spring, and a lack of sun where I have those planted(will try some alternate locations next year).  The one variety I was most interested to see grow was the Mexican Sunflower.  The plant looked different, and the flowers were a unique color for Sunflowers..well my first "Mexican" arrived this weekend, and you can see what it looks like in a couple of photos...Orange is the color of choice in this legal variety of Sunflower.

Meanwhile as I wait for the large ones to come out, the wild Sunflower plant that arrived ahead of my plantings, has 8 flowers in full bloom, out of the two dozen or more that have attached to the 9 foot high stalk.

More photos on the way soon.....

6 month checkup____

I headed for Minster and my Doc's office this morning for my 6 month check up...the results took about 5 minutes.

Blood Pressure was 124/74...not bad for a 61 year old, especially considering that last year it stood at about 155/85.  Weight is now at 187 with indoor clothes, last September it was 211...looks like 25 pounds gone to me.  And my resting heart rate is 61, same as my age....the blood sugar was not even checked, because of the good readings from February.  So, as of right now, despite a summer of beer and a few cigars...things are looking good!

back later>>>>

Photos-Top The Mexican Sunflower #1 that has popped up in the back yard...and the 'rouge' Wild Sunflower that was dropped off by a bird or thunderstorm is going great guns, as it sets in-between the numberous Mammoth Plants.


Cookie..... said...

Whoa! Like the NEW picture matey! Wish the hell we lived closer Pat cause you look like the kinda cool guy I like to hang out with.

Ya ever get back into this area, let me know and Mrs. Cookie and myself will either cook ya up one fine dinner or take y'all out somewhere nice.

PRH....... said...

Was up in Rome a couple years ago Cookie...I'm sure my travels will take me back up the NY Thruway again, I'll give you a head's up for sure.

Deborah Wilson said...

The Mexican sunflower is pretty but I like the yellow ones the best.

Cookie..... said...

Ya damn well better give me a heads up mate or I'll harrass yur ass on yur blog fer quite a spell... ;-)