Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jumping into politics...for just a minute/Obummer The Snake Oil Salesman

As I mentioned yesterday, I have been staying away from talking much about politics of late on this blog....for the 100 or so folks that stop by here per day, you already know where I stand.  That being somewhere to the Right of Attila The Hun.

But I did want to reinforce this morning just what a snake-like crooked son of a _______ our Kenyan President is(don't be shocked, I'd say the same thing to the bastards face if I ever was given the chance).  The latest news in circulation for the past couple of weeks is the rumor that Obummer and Company stole the Democratic Primary from Hillzilla Clinton.  Now this does not surprise me one iota, nor do I care.  For you folks that look at not electing Hillary over Barry as a lost opportunity...I say "Get Over It"!  Hillary and Billy are just as left and just as corrupt as The Obummer.  So even if the following Fox News report is true..I don't corrupt Marxist or the other corrupt Marxist...What the Hell is the difference?

Left Wing is Left Wing...and both Obama and Hillary are...both a couple of crooked snakes in the grass, one as evil as the other.  As long as those that support either of these ideologues, are in the majority of people that vote, the former Republic known as the United States of America is in deep dung.

ACME Baseball___

I headed to Eastview Park last night as the loser's brackets continued in the State ACME Tournament.  My 2 partners from this Spring's High School Districts(and Regional), Mark Weidenhammer and Bob Grubaugh, were working the games...Host Celina came from behind to defeat Napoleon 3-2 in the first game, and Lima Shawnee was eliminated by Vandalia in the nightcap 11-6...those two will face off tonight in another elimination game, after the winner's bracket final between Anthony Wayne and Perrysburg.  Things will wrap up on Friday Night...and that will be the day Sam and I begin our last weekend of baseball for another season, working the Dale Harter Memorial Tournament on the other diamonds at Eastview.

Politics and that is a strange mix, and enough for today.

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Sarge Charlie said...

he is out of Chiago and they do play dirty.......

PRH....... said...

Yep they do Sarge, and we need to start doing the same...our founding fathers have to be spinning in their collective graves. These bastars would have been hung with a short rope if those boys were around today....we could take a few lessons, on how to deal with slime like Obama and Company.