Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's still a Jungle out there!

"It's a Jungle Out There", I could be talking about politics, Obummer the Kenyan's evil mind, or our nitwit left wing media that worships his sorry ass.  I could be talking about the Islamic Trash that wants to infiltrate this nation and eventually make it like those dumps that they run(into the ground), or I could be talking about inner city America, which have become cesspools of violence, poverty, perversion, crime, and mayhem.  But nope that crap is too depressing...so I'll stick with my summer time theme, away from politics and terrorism, and instead write about my mundane life of baseball umpiring, and keeping the flowers growing, and trying to stop the weeds from taking over the yard in it's entirety.

With no baseball until Friday at the Dale Harter Memorial in Celina....I've got to shift my thought process a bit.  So yesterday I wandered around our large city lot....not big by living in the country standards, but large enough so this corner lot with fence, trees, and shrubs can house not only flowers, but weeds, and rouge trees by the hundreds....so for the second time since winter ended, I headed into the shrubs to fight the dreaded rouge Maples...what a mess!  I spent the next 2 hours or so, cutting back on the Maples, most with roots and circumference to large to pull out of the ground, so I just looped them off, as close to the base as I could...it still made an impressive pile.

Meanwhile the 5 or 6 varieties of Sunflowers I planted are starting to grow at a quicker rate.  When I planted them back in early May(later than most folks), I didn't bother to mark or make note of where I planted what...so except for the Mammoth species, I guessing as they come up to what is where.  I have figured out the Mexicans, and the Moonwalkers, but the rest I will have to wait until the actually produce blooming flowers. So that will be my week...the rain we had over the weekend was still not enough to get the grass into mowing size...just a few weeds to knock down.  So both our and mom's yards will have to wait until a few more sprinkles hit, before getting the mowers out.....

For now I will continue to ignore politics, why bother?  It just pisses me off anyway, and as I said before, life and God will sort this son of a bitch named Barry out, sooner or later, and may he help the fools that support him and his corrupt, Marxist policies....just lock, load, and be aware of the evil that he and his subordinates are bringing to this republic.

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Photos-top>not sure what variety this one is, it appears that I will find out soon enough.  And the brush pile that I gleaned out of the "shrubs" that act as a private border from the duplex apartments east of my yard.  The Wild and the Mammoth, as well as the Mexicans(fighting the weeds) continue to bloom...

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