Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Canning News!

Yep, that's how slow things are around these parts are, as the Summer lingers on.  The wife has been busy with this years canning of preserves and veggies....and right now she is in the upstairs bathroom ripping the 20 year old wallpaper out of that, so she can paint the bathroom and vanity.  She has a little more 'git up and go' than yours truly, to say the least.  So while she cans and paints, I pretty much sit around and wait for the next round of games, baseball games that is.
Last night I headed over to Coldwater to take in the District ACME games...Celina faced off against Minster in the Winner's Bracket final of the double elimination tournament, with the C-Bulldogs coming out on top 9-7 after surviving a furious comeback by the Minster squad.  In the nightcap, the hometown Coldwater Cavilers, coached by my old buddy Tommy Brunswick, roared back to eliminate St. Marys 11-8, by scoring 6 runs in the bottom of the 6th to end the Roughriders season.  This sets up another elimination game at 6 tonight with the Co-Champs of the MAC from the spring high school season matched up against each other...Coldwater faces Minster, with the loser going home and getting ready for football, and the winner playing a second game this evening against Celina. The Bulldogs need only 1 win to advance to the ACME State Tournament this weekend at the Bulldogs home field.  Whoever wins the elimination game will need to defeat Celina tonight, then come back and beat them again tomorrow night...not an easy task, but it has been done before.  If Celina's Bulldogs win tonight, the District is over.

Speaking of the State ACME Tournament, Garry and my games on Saturday are set(unless the rain, which is predicted for all week and most of the weekend comes to fruition).   We have games #3 and #4 of the tournament.  In our opening game, Lima Shawnee goes up against Perrysburg from the Toledo area at about 5pm, then in the final of the opening days 4 games, I'll take the plate as Piqua takes on Napoleon.  This, as I have mentioned, is right in the same time frame as the Lake Festival is in full swing, and the Grand Parade is going on in Celina....the town should be a mess, especially considering the shape the streets(from road construction) and lake(from the smelly algae bloom) are in.

Back to Patricia's canning and painting....

The bathroom upstairs is in a full fledged war zone mode, as she takes the paper and extra glue and old paint off...lucky for me, I seldom use that one....I have my downstairs john, and the shower in the basement.  In fact the last time I can remember using the bath/shower upstairs was when I was soaking the pain in my side while in the preliminary stages of my appendix blowing out some 7 years ago...for the most part, the basement shower has been the boys(when they were living at home) and my private stall....nothing fancy or fresh, but it does the job, and you can take all the time you want, with nobody knocking on the door to get in.

Canning wise, she has done up 4 types of  jams/preserves, including Peach, Strawberry, Raspberry, and a Strawberry/Rhubarb combination.  And this week began on her Green and Wax Beans, and some peas as well....always good eating in the winter months.

That will do it for the day....back later>>>>

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Deborah Wilson said...


Tell Patricia that the caning looks good. This year, I have canned some pole beans, tomatoes, and peaches - but I've mainly concentrated on freezing Okra and corn.