Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sam's New Ride

A few weeks ago, I wrote and posted a photo of oldest son Sam's run in with a Deer and his Toyota near his place in Columbus....we were hopeful that it wouldn't be totaled, but it was, and after the settlement from Nationwide Insurance, he didn't feel so bad about losing the 2000 Toyota, even though it had been purchased  only 5 months or so before.

The settlement seemed generous enough, and while Sam was away umpiring down in the Columbus area and driving my old Intrepid...I began looking at a few cars, that I thought he might be interested in....I mentioned on in particular to his mom. By the time he received his check and had returned home, the 2001 Nissan Altima was still on the small dealership lot, and he went looking. Despite having 130,000 miles on it, the car appeared and drove like it was well taken care of. After some back and forth, Sam got a price that seemed far to all of us(some $1500 below retail Bluebook) and yesterday he made the purchase, and is back in Columbus with his new vehicle.

To tell the truth, if he hadn't bought it, I might is a nice car with everything from A/C to CD Player/Radio working in good fashion. Best part is, I get the old 1995 Intrepid back, and with putting new tires on the back of the Jeep Wrangler this morning and having the exhaust fixed, my 2 cars appear ready for the fall and Winter months to come.

The 4 family vehicles, the 98 Jeep, the 95 Intrepid, Patrica's 2000 mini van, and my old 1977 Buick are all paid for, and all(even thought the Buick is parked) running....they all have well over 100,000 miles, except the 33 year old Buick, which believe it or not, has only 62,000 on it, still with the original engine. I love having all the cars paid off and running...Patricia is planning on buying a newer vehicle this coming for me? I hope to have the 3 others for the rest of my days.

Funny, when you get my age, there is no ego in having a "new' ride....ever the cheapskate, I like mine paid off, leaving money for other toys and entertainment.

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Photos-The 2001 Nissan Altima replaces Sam's Deer destroyed 2000 Toyota Corolla

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