Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dog Days keep rolling along!

Not much going on...last night Garry, Sam, and I headed to our first local rules meeting for High School Football, where about 19 members of the Van Wert Association were present to begin discussion of the new mechanic and rules changes for Ohio HS Football for this coming season.  As we finished up, another blaster of a thunderstorm came roaring through West Central Ohio...and we waited for about 20 minutes to make it to the cars....

This made the 4th heavy storm in less than 36 hours to hit the area....our yards are now back growing, as the mini drought is finished for now. 

Sam and I will attend a State Clinic on the rules changes at Lima Shawnee High School on Saturday...a 5 hour session, which takes care of our required State Meeting for the season.  Meanwhile Sam headed back to Columbus this morning, where he is doing camera work for the Big Ten Network as they prepare for the upcoming fall football season.  Today is the day the network interviews the Seniors that will don the pads and helmets for the Ohio State Buckeyes this season, in quest for another Big 10 title and a possible shot at another National Championship.....time and the season will tell.  For Sam, it's a great opportunity to work and see the sports at OSU, and get paid as well.

Meanwhile the heat and humidity show little signs of relenting anytime soon....we get a less humid day on occasion, but the heat remains, and the sticky humidity returns in short order.  Unlike last years cool Summer, this one has been pretty miserable, unless you are into 90 degree and above temps and humidity to match...I'm not, I'm ready for Fall, which will come when Mother Nature decides it's time.

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BRUNO said...

90-degree temps? What the hell are THOSE??? LOL!!!

Actually, it's really nice, here, at the moment. Only about 81, at 8:00 in the evening. Lot less humidity than the previous 3 days.

But, "HELL" is scheduled to return by mid-next week.

And since it's too-late in life to move somewhere more, um---logical!---I guess I'll just "suck-it-up", and pray for a swift-death...LOL!!!

PRH....... said...

Front went through Bruno...nice for the next 2 days, then as you said...HELL Returns! I'm not moving either....screw that, it's worse than the rotating hot and cold cycle.