Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rambling Thoughts for a Late Summer's Day

Here we go....

Summer enters it's final month, and I would usually say that this makes me sad...however, with the heat returning after 3 nice and less humid days, I cannot say with any honesty that I will miss the passing of this summer and it's weather...way too humid to really enjoy most of the activity out-of-doors.

As far as the state of the world and the former Republic called the United States...I could fire up my rants about the Kenyan-and-Thief, Barry Soetoro Obama, and his continued quest to destroy the country and turn it into a Islamic Bowing, Socialist Shithole, like our Euro "Allies" have done to most of their continent.  But then why bother?  The 40% who either agree with him, or are to stupid to understand what is happening, are not worth the effort...screw em', those fools will find out soon enough, they would be the first ones executed under Sharia Law, gays, Marxists, women, and liberals, have to realize that the radical Islamics hate them more than, they hate Jews and Christians...and that is a pretty solid hate.  Lock and Load....

Of course there is sports, especially the Cincinnati Reds and the run they are on....another come-from-behind win in Arizona last night has pushed my favorite team 3 games ahead of the perennial division champions, The St. Louis Cardinals.  Still a long way to go, but the upstart Redlegs have at least kept their fans interested in the games...usually by this time of the year, we have completely tuned them out, and are waiting for the NFL and NCAA Football seasons to start....not this year though, the Reds are keeping us entertained.

So politics, sports, and hot weather, are in the forecast for the foreseeable future....along with a good colletion of decent hand rolled cigars, and looking forward to the fall beer collection, as they roll out in a month or so....I am ready for Fall!

But tonight I head for St. Henry,  and work a scrimmage to begin my football season, just in time for the hot weather's return...tomorrow back at it here in Celina, for a Freshman Scrimmage....then next week it begins in full, including High School, Junior High, and Recreational League games.

Patricia begins her school year on Monday,  and Anissa returns to her fall schedule at the MRDD Workshops...Classes for Sam are about a month away at Ohio State, but he will be working for the athletic department and the Big Ten Network, off and on for the next few weeks, along with his football officiating.   Hal, still without a full time teaching job, will sub in the Dayton area schools, and continue his full time job with Autistic youth in that area.  And if I forgot to mention, he and his girl friend Lisa have began to look for places to hold their planned February 2011 Wedding.  Lisa, a recent graduate of the University of Dayton Law School, has secured a new job recently, working as an advocate for the Autistic as be honest I am not sure exactly what the titles are, but am glad that both her and Hal are at least working in this age of Obama, many are not.

I went out and checked the Sunflowers earlier, and the bees are doing their thing on them....I will grow more next year, unless the entire economy tanks(which it has a pretty good chance of doing), and I have to plant all food to keep on the table.

Enough Rambling for today...

back later>>>

Photos-The Bees and Sunflowers make a great mix as Summer winds down....and Go Reds!

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