Monday, August 30, 2010

Reviewing the Weekend and the Glenn Beck Rally coverage

Taking my 3 mile walk around Celina and Lake Shore Drive this morning, one major thing had happened since my walk on Friday...the humidity had returned, in force...of course I knew that from yesterday's recreational football league double header...after 3 low humidity type days, the heat and humid conditions came back with a vengeance.  The games lasted 4 1/2 hours total, and the Celina White team split the games with Union City...losing the JV contest 34-13 before coming out on top in the varsity game 28-0....needless to say the beer went down good when I reached the confines of my own back yard...I was bushed!

On Saturday I was supposed to officiate a JV high school game at Waynesfiled-Goshen High School...however at Midnight on Friday night, the AD called, saying that there were so many injuries in that nights game, they had to cancel, ouch!  First game of the season and the injuries are that numerous...not a good start.

On Friday night Celina lost as I predicted, 35-14 to Versailles...but they did play much better than expected, leading 7-0 and 14-7 before the Tigers wore down the young Bulldogs...other winners included Marion Local, Kenton over Coldwater, and St. Henry and Delphos St Johns on Saturday night.  I'm off until Thursday when I head to St. Henry for a Junior High double header.

Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor Rally_____

I almost laughed this morning when I saw the CBS News estimate of the crowd in DC for the Glenn Beck rally...87,000???  What the Hell rally were they viewing?  Even far left NBC projected the crowd at at least 300, guess is that it is close, if not over a half million.  But you'll never convince the far left and atheist loons that the peaceful rally was non-political.  If anybody watched(and I did on the Internet, which had about 175,000 views and it was also live on C-Span), they could tell it was much larger than anything the left could ever muster...and the Tea Party and Conservative Christians in attendance left the place spotless, unlike the far left "Progressive" crowd that trashed the place after the Obummer Inauguration .   Yep a pretty clean and calm group of a half million or so patriotic  folks.  No signs, no riots, no rants, just a good group of folks, at least it seemed so from afar.

There were many views on the crowd size and opinions of why an who they were....but nobody could doubt that they were well behaved...something the loons on the left and far left could never hope to be.

Here are links to stories about the rally:

From "The American Thinker':
And the left is really gnashing their teeth about Tony LaRusso and Albert Pujols taking part:

The Beck Website:

And Fox Nation:

Even the far left AP knows their buddies in the DNC are in trouble come November:

Read em' and weap lefties....

The week ahead looms hot and humid...and if I've said it once, I've said it a few dozen times...I'm sick of this summer and ready for the cooler, less humid days of fall.

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Photos-The Restoring Honor Rally by all counts was a massive success...Part of the Crowd from Saturday...Glenn Beck were 2 of the speakers, but there was much much more.


Cookie..... said...

Well Amigo, great minds think alike. I was just putting together a post regarding how the media portrayed this weekends rally when I got your e-mail. I check out yur blog post and found the pictures fit right into my I "borrowed" em matey.

I also linked to a full video of the really. Don't expect folks to watch it all but I do want them to get an idea that it was about returning to God and Honor, NOT as its being portrayed by some "elite" media assholes.

Cookie..... said...

BTW, I also sent O'Reilly an e-mail about an observation of mine, that the man WITHOUT a cleric title talked about God, and the man with the title "reverend" spewed only divisiveness and disunity. Lets see if he uses it on the program tonight.