Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Quickie....and Glenn Beck's DC Bash

A Quickie?  Well a short post anyway....

Sam and I headed to Delphos  for the first game of the season...a Junior High(Middle School) contest between Delphos Jefferson and league rival Columbus Grove...the visiting Bulldogs topped the Jeff Cats 22-14 in a well played game...considering the fact that the Junior High kids started practice later than the Varsity, and started the season a couple of days earlier(first time I can ever remember that happening) , the game went well.  Very few penalties, and both teams seemed in mid season form.  Tonight Sam has a JH game at Parkway, while I travel to Convoy for a Crestview-LCC 8th grade game.

After the game we drove to Van Wert for a local rules meeting, then this being our 4th meeting of the year, we headed to Pizza Hut to view some football video, eat the pizza buffet, and down some brew.  Sadly the only beer on tap last night was Killean's Red...nasty stuff, but the price was right(free), so I down 3 or 4 glasses or so...and I feel it this morning.

Ended up I slept in until about 8:30, got my walk in, albeit a shortened one, and grabbed a muffin and coffee.  Yesterday, with a 3 mile walk, mowing mom's lawn, and the football last aging body is more than a little sore...damn, I hate getting old!

So that's about it...more football tonight and Saturday morning, our yard to mow sometime, probably tomorrow or Saturday afternoon...that is at least the plan, football is here for the next couple of months, and I've got some 40 games to work, at all levels.
I do have one political thing to mention...Glenn Beck is having his big bash in Washington DC on Saturday, I should have taken the time off to head that way....because the media, at least the radical left wing media(which most all are, except Fox), will either bash it or ignore it.  The racists in the so called "Black Community and their lily white media cohorts already are:

Not to biased a story is it?    The Hell it isn't!!!
Here is the real purpose of Beck's call to action:

The left wing media and hard core black racists like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackass, and Barry Obama Soetoro....will turn any event in by Beck or his ilk into some sort of race baiting story....screw them.  Glenn Beck actually honors Martin Luther King, which is more than I would do...King was a Marxist and a freaking womanizer who used his power for many less than heroic pursuits....there I've said it, don't like it?  Tough Shit!  He was all of that and worse, and sure the Hell shouldn't have day honoring him. There are many good African Americans, Walter Williams, Allan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, and many more....Jackson, Sharpton, and Obama are not among them.  While King did many good things, he was by no stretch an honest man, or one worthy of putting on a pedestal.

Thousands will show up, probably hundreds of thousands, but the "lame stream media" will focus on a few hundred counter doubt bussed in by ACORN, union trash, and the DNC.....screw the race baiters, because we know who the real racists are, and it's not Beck and Company.

Beck's event already has 110,000 friends on Facebook:

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Cookie..... said...

Yupper, I've been wait'n t'see just how slanted and biased the "lame stream media" cover this event, and I suspect you've probably hit the nail on the head.

PRH....... said...

The Race Baiters are on an all out assault Cookie...these bastards, with the help of the "lame stream media" will stoop to any low level to shut up those of us that know what their agenda is. The destruction of America and the Republic as we know it.

Revolution is in the air....

Cookie..... said...

**Sigh**, I'm beginning to feel it more and more from many acquaintences. Never ever thought I'd see times like these.

Nancy said...

It was just on the news that Al Sharpass is going to have a rally too. I read one time that Glen Beck is on Obummers enemy list, along with Sarah Palin. I did hear that someone from MLK's family is supporting Beck.

PRH....... said...

I think King's niece is one of the speaker at the rally tomorrow....Obama is as paranoid as Tricky Dick Nixon ever could have been.