Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Fine(Cooler, Less Humid) Day!

Finally, after another week or more of hot(mid 90s) humid(way up) days, yesterday we could shut down the A/C and open the windows...of course with the city shutting down Main Street, the truckers and others have found Livingston and Brandon Streets as alternative routes, making the street noise at night pretty loud.  Oh' Well, can't have it all our way....

The Mammoth and Moonwalking Sunflowers have almost all bloomed, and are now heading towards becoming a seed festival for the Squirrels....meanwhile the "Mexicans", and Evening Shade variety continue to pop out...and finally a couple of "Teddy Bear" Sunflowers made their appearance, completing the circle of all types I planted back in May.  As I have mentioned I am pretty educated in Biology and Environmental Health, but hardly a Horticulturist...I do however enjoy growing the various Sunflower varieties, and plan on increasing the types and numbers next Spring.  Sunflowers, for the most part, are useful...you can cure and eat the big seeds, use them for stock, or feed them to the critters throughout the winter months.

Patricia is enjoying her last week before schools starts...one more year towards her retirement, if there will be any retirement by the time Obama the Asshole gets done screwing the economy and Republic over.   I think she has 8 or 9 years to go...by the time, I'll be 70 or pushing up another flower, the Daisy.

My Summer Break is also about finished...Thursday I head over to where Patricia teaches, St. Henry, and do my first football scrimmage of the season, a Junior/Middle School contest.   I follow that up here in Celina Friday for a Freshman scrimmage...then next week the real season begins with games at Delphos, Crestview, and Waynesfield-Goshen.  September and October will be busy with games scheduled sometimes 6 days a week, with meetings on the 7th(Wednesday).  I will finish up October heading with Nick to northern lower Michigan for our annual Salmon Run, complete with Beer, Drambuie, and plenty of good cigars on the agenda...and yes, we hope to catch some fish, but if not, we plan on enjoying the trip anyway.

Time for a little lawn mowing before the good weather ends.  It is supposed to be hot and humid by Thursday and Friday...so out I go to fire up the Toro.

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Photos-top/left A yellow Evening Shade about to bloom in full, took this photo in the gloom of last evening.  One of a couple of "Teddy Bear" Sunflowers that finally came out...and a full Red Evening Shade, I really enjoy this color....

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