Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Switching Seasons....and Scott, Ohio, out of the past!

Unlike the Major League Baseball season, which is in full "race to the wire", high school, youth, and minor league baseball has or is coming to an end in the next few days.  The Little League World Series will take place in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, starting next week, and the professional Minor Leagues will end their seasons early next month with the respective playoffs.  I stayed up last night as the Cincinnati Reds began the most important road trip of the season in Arizona.  The Reds came from behind to defeated the D-Backs 6-2, to move 2 full games ahead of St. Louis in the National League Central.  As a Reds fan, it's nice actually having an interest in how the games are going this late in the season.  It's been awhile.

My baseball season as an umpire ended a couple of weekends ago....and I have enjoyed the respite.  Tomorrow I work my first football scrimmage of the season.  I'll head to the wife's school and work a 6 man Junior High Scrimmage at St. Henry.  They will run the 7th grade and 8th grade on opposite ends of the field, and 3 of us will each work one side.  I have to admit I have not worked out much since baseball ended...we will see how this old body stretches out in the 93 degree predicted heat.

Tonight, I will head to Van Wert to take in another Rules Meeting with our Mid West Buckeye Football Association.  This will give me 4 local meetings to go with my State Meeting, which will complete my requirements for keeping my license current and legal.   I will however take in the rest as I have time...the more I can learn, the better off me and the games I officiate are.

Things are admittedly slow...Patricia heads back to school for the year on Monday, Anissa will begin her full sessions at MRS and Cheryl Ann starting Friday, and Sam will be back and forth between here and Columbus.  Working down there at OSU for the Big Ten Network and, and up this way doing Junior High and JV Football, and Rec League on Sundays.
Slow or not, with baseball races in full race to the finish, and college and NFL Football around the corner, I have some diversions to keep me interested.

Scott, Ohio, USA____

I was born in Van Wert, Ohio, back in 1949...but the family resided in the small village of Scott, which was located on the Van Wert and Paulding County Line Road.  The town of 300 or so was my home for the first 5 years of my life, until dad picked up stakes and moved south to Venice, Florida, located on the Gulf of Mexico in Sarasota County...there we remained for the next decade, until once again we moved, this time back to Ohio, and settled in the Celina and Mercer County area, that I reside in today.

Scott, Venice, and Celina, I consider my "hometowns", having lived in those 3 places for about 55 of my 61 years...thrown in were also my Air Force days, and a brief time in Wisconsin, upstate New York, Indiana, Kansas, after my Air Force days.

I pulled out some old photographs the other day.  Those from my Grandma Houseworth's collection range from before the 20th century through the 1960s.  Many, if not most, are from Scott, Ohio, in the days before I was born in 1949.  Scott today has less than 250 folks, and there are few thing that remains is the Scott Elevator, although the original burnt down long ago, as did the replacement...I believe this is the 3rd building on the site.....anyway Scott now has a Facebook Page that is taken care of by a friend of mine, and "Scott, Ohio, Fans" .  I have posted some old photos there, and am in the process of scanning others that I plan on posting in the next few days and me some work in my extra spare time.  Isn't retirement great?

I guess I could spend my time bitching about Obama or watching the excuse makers for Islamic Terrorism support the building of a Muslim Terrorist Outhouse near ground zero....but why waste the energy?  I long ago gave up trying to change the minds of those cowards and fools that are blind and cannot see the evil at their doorstep.

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Photos-Home in Scott, Ohio,  on Leave 1943, left to right, Marlo Beech, his younger brother Harold, Stan Houseworth(1917-1972) , and my Aunt Eva's dog "Tiny".  Wilda Waldron Houseworth(1883-1975) standing, with co-worker at the Scott Phone Company around 1920.  And the original Scott Elevator and Exchange around 1915.  More photos can be found at "Scott Ohio Fans" on Facebook.


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Nancy said...

I am the Scott Ohio Fans poster. Whenever I post on there it doesn't come up with my name, but Scott Ohio fans. Tommy, my son and Susie, my daughter were also site administrators, but they took themselves off because they wanted to post under their own names. I sure appreciate your help with pix etc. If you ever want to be a co-administrator let me know!!! Your blog is really cool. Is there anyway to subscribe to it and have it emailed? Thanx again