Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rio Bravo Great American entertainment, The Obummer and Michelle Obama Great American Morons...

I sat back and enjoyed one of my favorite western movies, in fact one of my favorite movies period last night...Rio Bravo from 1959 was on AMC.  John Wayne, Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson, Walter Brennen, and Angie Dickinson starred in the action/western from over 50 years ago.  One of Wayne's best movies, even though at times Angie and Ricky seemed to be sleep walking through their lines....the performances by Big John, Dean Martin, and classic character actor Brennen were outstanding.

If you look at my right side bar and check out my music selection, you will find several songs by Nelson and a couple more by Dean Martin...both men are among my favorite musical artists from yesteryear.

The two combined on a couple of excellent western songs for this project....and they can be found here:

The second song Cindy Cindy is sung mostly by Nelson:

This is pure American Movie entertainment...then I look on Road Runner this afternoon and read about a pure American(or is he Kenyan?) Moron:

While many Americans are out of work, this sorry son of a Kansas whore, and his Michelle Antoinette of a wife continue to piss away tax payers money, all for the glory of their own massive egos:

Make no mistake, I despised Jimmy Carter as President...can't stand Bill Clinton or his wife...but these two assholes are pure freaking evil.....what a way to ruin a good Sunday, I knew I should have never turned on the Internet News today....but what the Hell?  One enjoyable movie and one major league asshole named The Obummer, are it for today.

back later>>>>

Poster-Rio Bravo from 1959, and Obama the Asshole Kenyan from 2010


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