Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blogger Photo Blues/Luebke into Starting Rotation

WTF? Is about all I can say for Blogger these days....yes it is free, and yes it is easy, and yes, it is a pain in the ass on many occasions....

Doesn't matter if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer, there is almost always something to challenge your, it's the photo loader...doesn't matter if you have it on either one, the photos won't load, so with my "crutch" this one will be quick.

Problem Solved?  Seems over the years I had ran out of photo was usually just for uploading the sidebar pictures, but now Blogger enforce all the photo 1 GB was used up, so I had to purchase 20GB(which should solve any problems)sic, for $5 a year....sooooooooooo, maybe this issue is solved.

First Off...........................

Somehow the major rains and storms missed us last night.  The went south(Reds/Yankees rained out) they went north, they went west, and east...but somehow most of Mercer County was spared, and Sam's game in Celina, and mine in St. Henry were played....we didn't need the rain, and don't need what is predicted for the next couple of days, before things dry off over the weekend and early next week.  Tonight Sam stays in Celina, while I travel to Coldwater for a game with rival St. Henry...should be a good one, if we get it in.

Cory Luebke moves into Starting Role____

Marion Local product Cory Luebke, one of 4 pitchers in MLB, who I umpired behind the plate during their High School careers, has been moved from the Bullpen to the starting rotation.  Cory started nearly all of his High School, College at Ohio State, and Minor League career, before being moved to the bullpen this season with the San Diego Padres:

Cory, who youngest son Hal, coached during summer ACME baseball a few years ago, has had an excellent year out of the bullpen, except for one game against the Reds....I think he will succeed well now that he is back in the starting rotation.  Good Luck Cory!

Speaking of the Reds....for only the fifth time in Great American Ballpark history(opened in 2003) they were washed out...sad for the fans that had tickets, because the game was a sellout.  So today they will do a day/night double header.

The regular game begins at 12:10pm and the nightcap, rescheduled from last night, opens at, I'm out to mow the lawn so I can catch game #1...and fret about my "Blogger Blues">>>>

back later>>>>

photo-Cory moves into the rotation at San Diego...

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