Friday, June 3, 2011

Summer Baseball

Gotta love Summer Baseball:

Game yesterday is proof of my points....Home Team leads 5-3 top of 7th with visitors having runners on 2nd and 3rd.  Ground ball to short, runner on second runs into the SS and knocks him down and ball loose.  My partner doesn't make the me, behind the plate, calls time, and rules "Interference" on the runner on 2nd.  Calling him out, sending the runner on 3rd who scored, back to that base, and allowing the batter to stay at first...because I didn't think a double play was in order. 

I got the call right...made sure of that when I got home and checked out the rules and case book for High School Baseball....I was 99% sure anyway, but wanted to confirm that I had indeed got it correct...That didn't stop the "umpires" along the fence for the visitors or the coaches from disagreeing with me...but I was right, they were wrong, and the game ended on the next play, when the new batter popped up to the second baseman.  Gotta Love Summer Baseball!

Back to Crestview tonight, a single game(down from a double header) tomorrow at Coldwater, then a Junior ACME double header on Sunday.

Another Kokomo Vietnam Reunion____

If the weather doesn't threaten too much tomorrow, after I finish at Coldwater, I may head over to Kokomo for the first of two summer reunions at The Howard County  Vietnam Veterans site.  This is the shorter "Mini Reunion" which begins today...Mid September is the big one....I will for sure be at that one.

Otherwise I plan on staying busy, even if the storms hit, this weekend....have a good one~

back later>>>>
Photo>>>>Big Sam Lewis, Me, and Tom McCandless at the Kokomo Reunion last September.


Sam said...

I know Tom is glad the Mini Reunion is here . He has been looking forwards to it all year . Wish I could be there but like you Lord Willing Ill make the big one in September.

PRH....... said...

Hope the storms(40% chance) stay away Sam....hopefully I can get over there by 4 or 5pm tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Way to nail the call!

I always enjoy going back in the rule book to look at situations I faced . . . Or I think during the game, now what if it happened differently, what would the call be?

I made it through the spring without any strange plays . . . routine, except for the rain!

Eric in Indiana

PRH....... said...

Eric: My partner today, worked the team that "disagreed" with my call last night, they asked it what his call would have been? He confirmed the call was correct, the coaches response was ..."uh, OK"...

Sam: All Hell broke loose weather wise mid afternoon, I decided not to try Kokomo, and am glad I didn't ...they got blasted by hours of storms, and wind....big time lightning, hopefully they stayed safe. Will be interesting to get Tom's take.

Gene Bach said...

Summer? You have that there? Still flippin' winter here Pat. Rumor has it that summer is starting to show next week though.

I'll take baseball anytime...summer, spring, winter...I don't care. I just love the game.