Monday, June 6, 2011

I hate it when things happen...sometimes.

I hate it when somethings happen:

Like a long cold winter ends, then of course you go right into hot, steamy, humid, putrid, conditions, what ever happend to SPRING?  This is one of the years...we freeze and get drowned right up until Memorial Day, now you walk outside and the bug have already formed their armies, and you can wring the moister out of your shirt and socks after 15 minutes outside.  The farmers finally got back into the fields, but Saturday afternoon and evening, the storms hit Indiana and Ohio, and it looks like our little dry spell is over.

I hate if when the Reds, after years of frustration, finally become a contender, but after only one season fall flat on their faces...and did I mention, I hate the St. Louis Cardinals...

After a disastrous road trip, in which they went 2 wins and 8 loses to fall out of first place...the Cincinnati Reds come home, win a couple of big ones, only to piss away the last two to the lowly Dodgers, while St. Louis was winning in extra innings the same two days against the Cubs.  Now they are mired in 3rd place, and 5 1/2 games out, spinning their the pitching staff goes south, and the hitting is inconsistent.

I hate it when you plan on something, then something comes up to thwart your plans.

Case in point...Saturday got done with the ACME game at Coldwater, and was packed and planning on heading for at least one day of the Kokomo/Howard County Vietnam Veteran "Mini" Reunion.  As I got home to shower, I saw the storms pop up on the Radar over Howard County(some 90 miles west)...they continued to get clobbered for hours, thus making the plans on that trip seem futile.  My buddy Tom and the rest survived, but Saturday night was a frog we wait until mid September, when Big Sam Lewis and I will join them...hopefully a bit cooler, and dryer time of year.

I hate it when Facebook hacks into your account and denies you access for days:

Have not been able to access my information on Facebook since late Friday...why?  Who knows, but I suspect the Marxist, Obama loving, sons a bitch that runs it, and his cronies, don't like some of my posts pointing out what a hack that the Kenyan Man Child is...of course being the good Marxist and Obammy Lap Dogs they are, they never give you a reason, they just sit you down.  This has been the longest stretch so far...but you know what?  Screw Mark Kruckenberg(fb owner) and the horse he rode in on.  The less time I spend on Facebook, the less money that bastard sees, and the more time I have for other things.  I will be pulling my account shortly, just a heads up for that, when it does, the "badge" on the front of my blog will disappear.

On the other hand there are good things happening...

Youngest son Hal, begins his new job on June 13th...working and doing some travel for an outfit that services the Autistic.  Both Hal and his wife Lisa will now be working for the same company, but not with the same branch...and despite his desire to teach High School History, this opportunity is way too good to pass up.  For one the salary is nearly double what a starting teacher would make, and in this uncertain times for teachers, like his mom, taking a retirement hit, this is sometime a 27 year old with child on the way, is an opportunity he can live with.  So congrats to Hal.

Oldest son Sam, finishes up his Junior year at Ohio State with finals this week....and passed his first required "Actuarial Science" exam of the 3 required to go into the field.  He continues to keep his grades in the lower to mid 3 range(about 3.4 gpa) in a tough major, and is still cruising along working for and the Big Ten Network doing sports, as well as officiating and umpiring...he will be home next week to work baseball for much of the summer.

And the flowers in the backyard and fence area are growing now that the sun and warm weather has arrived.  Patrica spent time and money getting down the mulch, and we can enjoy the yard outback...of course I will need to lite the Citronella Candles to keep the cash crop of Mosquitoes away...

And here it is Monday, and since retiring almost 9 years ago at the age of 53...I can say, I no longer hate Mondays.  I don't care when the weekend ends....they and the weekdays are the same to me these years.  I officiate/umpire on the weekends much of the time, just like I do during the week.  Drink beer, smoke some good cigars...yep, Monday Thursday, Saturday...all pretty much the same to me...and that is the way I like it.

So, it's Monday, time to head out and mow the lawn.....

back later>>>>

Photo-The aging Airedale Reagan(turns 13 on July 6th) and me relaxing with a beer and cigars(at least me) before the storms hit Saturday night...The Reds do the June Swoon.  Hopefully September in Kokomo will be like last year, and not this past weekend, weather wise.  And a couple of "Pansies"(not to be confused with Liberal Male Democrats) from our back yard.


Deborah Wilson said...

Patricia has the yard looking beautiful, and I really like the pansies - one of my favorites...

Facebook - everyone knows something screwy has been going on - but you know - I wouldn't pull your account - let Facebook do it - just more evidence of censorship....

This week, I'm going back to the blog, I feel that I have my Facebook off ground now, so I can back down a bit -

Down south, summer always seems to follow winter - we've hardly had a real spring for years... Yes and the bugs are out already!

Congrats to Hal for his new job!

PRH....... said...

Pretty interesting...I e-mailed a complaint about the log in response, except automated, but lo and behold I was back up and running. I don't trust them anymore than I trust Obammy.