Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not much going on...but cooler, fall like temperatures on the way

Got the game in at Coldwater last night, me and my partner from Minster Tim.  Tim worked the State High School Tournament last year, and we both worked the Summer ACME State Tournament last July...other than that I have not be paired up with him much over the past couple of seasons.  In addition to last night, where he did the plate, we will work the Lima Shawnee Sectional together on July 5th...where I will do the "dish". 

The game was a surprising "blow out" with Coldwater defeated rival in a run ruled 4 1/2 inning game, by a 17-5 score...tonight, if the showers hold off or go elsewhere, I will head to Rockford as Parkway hosts Celina..  I had the game between those two county rivals early in the summer season, the game I got hit twice in the same inning, as field umpire...will try to avoid that tonight....

Today has been slow, and I have to admit, I've been on my ass, sitting for much of it.  I did get to work with the new Nikon Camera, my knowledge is coming around, slowly, very slowly, but it is coming....I still miss the ease which the Fuji worked out of the Automatic Mode.  The Nikon seems not to work as well, and I am experimenting with the various Settings to get things right.  Today the subject was some of the backyard flowers, as shown.

Things will be busy this weekend around the house....First off Sam and I will be heading early Saturday morning to Sidney, where we will work a double header in my first American Legion ball of the year.  With taking last weekend off, I missed out for the first time in over 10 years doing the Tawa Run AL Tournament in this will be the first of the season.

Hal will be home Saturday as well, without bride, as she heads out for the weekend, and Hal comes home to his classmate and our neighbors wedding...he will be bringing the dogs with him, which should keep things moving around here, since Anissa will be with us much of the weekend as well.   I'm just not used to that many bodies being around the house these days...but will survive it...Friday I am at Spencerville for a ACME Matchup, and then finally on Sunday, I plan on trimming the hedges/bushes around the house, they are in serious need.

So that's the plan, for the next few days...and the conditions should be good for just about all activity.  Once the showers move out and on east, cooler, fall like, temperatures will be with us into the weekend.  Only 65 with clouds for a high tomorrow, and sunshine and in the low to middle 70s for Saturday and Sunday.

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Photos-Two shots of backyard flowers with varying degrees of success...getting use to the various modes, will take awhile...but that's the great thing about Digital Photography...the mistakes don't cost you money.  Damn am I glad "film" is dead....because my mistakes are plenty....

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