Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Few Real "Weiners".....

Patricia and I headed some 55 miles south down I-75 last night to the Outback Grille.  Hal and wife Lisa had gotten her a gift certificate to Outback for Mothers Day, so with no games on my schedule and no meetings on Patricia's, we decided that a Monday would be a good day to go out...less crowds in the restaurants than most other days.

We dined on steak, deep fried Mushrooms, salads, a baked potato, had a couple of drinks...then topped it off with a dessert sampler...way too much food~but sometimes you have to kick back, and we did.  First time we have been out to eat at a quality place, since we last dined at the same Outback, for our anniversary just before Christmas.  Got home in time to watch the Reds thump the Cubs, and watch Boston manhandle the Canucks in game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Why are Liberal Males Such "Weiners"?

In never ceases to amaze me...As the American Economy falls deeper into another Depression(forget that "Recovery" crap, there is not one, and never has been one, since Bush got us there, and Obammy the Wonder Kenyan has kept us there), the top news stories are about a 3 year old murder in Florida, and three Liberal "men" who have whored themselves and the voters stupid enough to support them, by cheating on their wives.

The lastest assclown to join the likes of Arnold and John "Breck Girl" Edwards, is a slimy little NYC Hebrew Congressman, named Anthony Weiner...and given his text message escapades, the name and his actions are all too funny.  Now before you jump all over me for mentioning this little "wiener" as being Hebrew, let's get one thing straight.  The 90% Liberal American Jewish population are for the most part Atheists, and have nothing in common with the good people of Israel, who are fighters and patriots to the core.  Wieners like Weiner, hate Israel, and vote against it and America's interests at every turn.  Anthony Weiner and his ilk, white, Hispanic, black, Islamic, or Jewish, put forth a foul smell with every breath they take.

Anyway we have Arnold fathering a bastard child, with some not-so attractive Nanny, then sweeping it under the rug, until he leaves office as Gov of Mexifornia.  Then John Boy Edwards, as his wife lays dying of Cancer, is shacking up with some whore, and again fathering a bastard child, then paying his whore off with money given by the dupes stupid enough to support his sorry ass for President.  God, can you imagine if that useless bastard was sitting in the White House?  Bad enough we have that freaking Chicago Gay Blade Obammy in there, with the lovely Moo~Shell!

So along comes Weiner Man.  A mouth piece for Obammy and all things Anti American....the Wiener was all over TV trashing Conservatives any chance he got...you see, Wiener~Man was looking to become the next Mayor of NYC, Congress was just a stepping stone.  So he gets married last July to make things look legit.  But did that stop Weiner from his perversions?  I guess not:


The entire sorid story came undone, when he decided to join the Lap Dog Press in blasting Andrew Briebart....but AB had the Wiener goods on him.  "Lil" Anthony was taking pictures of his little wiener and sending it out to women young enough to be his daughters.  On Twitter and Facebook no less....unsolicited no less.  How stupid can one man be?  It appears pretty stupid for a little runt of a New York City Congress...with a "D" beside his name.


Weiner was messing with the wrong Conservative Blogger....so sad...lol!  Male Liberals, you gotta wonder what makes these limp losers tick.

So the lap dog press is asking, "Will Weiner Survive Weiner Gate"?  My guess is yes.  Afterall most Liberals approve of perversion.  And yes Republicans and Conservatives get caught with their pants down as well(Arnold is no Conservative and is a RINO)...but at least most of them have the honor to resign.  Not Ol' Anthony Weiner however..he has MSNBC and the rest of the Liberal press watching his back.  After all, he's a Marxist, just like them...I suspect however, that Weiner has more skeletons in his various closets, and his run for NYC Mayor might be derailed, and his district will be one of 2 that New York will be losing come 2012.  The next 17 months should be fun.

The Gravy Train search...

I was going to do a story today, but was sidetracked by "Weiner Gate", on the American Vietnam Veteran, and their elusive search for the Government Gravy Train.  And why some would help bring their country closer to Bankruptcy just for a comfortable late years of their lives.  That story will have to wait, perhaps until tomorrow.

It will piss off some of my fellow vets off....but you know what?  Not all of us who served in Vietnam came back with PTSD, not all of us were exposed to, or are dying from Agent Orange.  Some were affected, but I suspect many of the problems blamed on the horrors of war, of the exposure to AO, are misdiagnosed or fabricated.  I suspect that much of it can be blamed on Smoking, Drinking, Fried Foods, and Old Age.  Veterans, all Veterans, deserve what we were promised, but, not over and above.   But I digress, that is for another time...when I can give it time and space to make it an honest look, and let the chips fall where they may.

Game in Celina tonight....Convoy tomorrow...back later>>>>

Photos- " A Little Weiner" named Anthony, The Breck Girl, John Edwards, and his well paid whore.  Hopefully a jail cell is in his future, shared with a couple of guys named Leroy and Butch.   And Anthony Breitbart who caused the little Weiner's World to crash and burn.

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Gene Bach said...

I seriously doubt I could bring myself to vote for someone named Weiner to begin with.