Monday, September 26, 2011

America-How Low Can You Go?

Heavy Rains poured through the area last night....adding unneeded moister to the already soaked appears it may move out of the area by Wednesday...then the forecast says cool to normal temps with sunshine for the rest of the week and weekend.

Worked a JV Football game at Spencerville on Saturday in the way of a linebacker and got hit just hard enough to knock my hip and back out of whack...doesn't take much at my age.  I still feel it.  The baseball double header was canceled by rain, but Sam and I did get the youth football double header in yesterday.....I made him do most of the running...tonight back at Spencerville for a Junior High game, the same tomorrow at Antwerp.

The downgrading of America and Western Society_____

As the months and years go by, I watch as our society and country descend into the shitter.  No moral compass, no honest politicians, the churches taken over by the far left and the Homosexual lobby.  Hollywood and pop culture glorifying the same.  Rap Music fully entrenched in the's a bad time.  Sure back in my day, Elvis and the Beatles would surly destroy America, so thought our parents and grandparents...but the stuff they brought is nothing like the filth, garbage, and perversion, that is glorified today.

I'm certainly no prude....Hell I ran a bar back in the middle 70s that the city leaders, police, and parents hated.  The Red Door was the name, and we were not a Sunday go to Meetin' hangout...However now,looking back that place was kids stuff, compared to the crap that is being tossed at the youth and young adults of today.  If you don't accept homosexuals(I call them fags) as "normal" then you are a Homophobe or a hater...Bullshit, it is not normal, there is nothing "Gay" about being queer.  Now they don't bother me, I try to live and let live...but when the radicals are in the forefront, we as a society have a problem....thanks to the Media, Pop Culture, and Hollywood, we have a big problem.  When perverts are allowed to push their agenda, we get sick bastards like this to open their perverted pie holes:

In my younger days, the faggot wouldn't have opened his mouth...and if he did, somebody would have shut it in quick allow this perverted bastard to continue to mouth off, says more about us as a society, than it does him.

They now preach in the pews of the churches...guess what it says in the Bible doesn't mean much to most denominations anymore....?  Once again that says more about us, as a society, than it does them.

They are glorified on the screen, made the heroes in movies and TV...the good guys as opposed to us evil straight folks, Christians, and Republicans....if you watch network TV, you would would think 50% of the population is queer.....and smart of course.

These days the most protected minorities are Queers(no using the Gay word), Illegals, and Islamic Terrorists....the most hated are Straight White Males, Black and Female Conservative Politicians, and Israel and it's Jewish population(done much by American Jews, who seem to love those that hate them).

So that's my rant for today...I don't give Jim Dandy's ass if you're queer, black, Muslim, White Trash Hillbilly, or "Progressive"....but don't come shoving it in my might get the son of a bitch cut or shot off.

Now that is off my chest, go out and enjoy the week....

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