Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MLB...The Wild, Wild Card Races, part 2

After morning rains, the sun came out briefly as I headed the 50 miles north to work a Junior High Football game at Antwerp....I thought to myself...."Damn, I've over-dressed", I had donned a pair of black
Starter workout pants with underall beneath....a Starter shirt would go beneath whichever football shirt I would wear. With the sun out I figured, I might sweat a bit.  By the time I arrived at the stadium, I could see a large group of black clouds continuing their low pressure circle, the same system that had been dumping rain on us, off and on, for days, was about to give us another shower...I was glad I had over-dressed.  As Terry, and the other Pat, and I whistled the game to begin, the showers started.  I had already put on my stripped rain would not help much.

The downpour continued through the first half.  With visiting Hicksville, up big, I decided to keep the clock moving as quick as possible in the second half....the rain subsided some, but already soaked to the didn't do much good.   After the game, I changed shoes, but made the hour trip back to Celina, soaked to the bone.  I enjoyed a good hot shower, and a cold beer shortly after arriving at the house. 

No game tonight, seldom are on Wednesdays in these parts.....tomorrow I will head back to Spencerville for the third time since Saturday, and work another JH game.  Saturday I have another triple header scheduled....a JV Game at Crestview and a baseball duo back at Spencerville.

The Crazy Wild Card Races Continue_____

After arriving home, showering, and cracking open a Miller Lite, I sat down and watched the Reds...don't know why, except the season is winding down, and no football was on.   As the night unfolded, Cincinnati eventually won, getting out of a bases loaded jam in the last inning, to defeat the Mets.  In the action that counted however, things got very interesting.

Both Boston's Red Sox, and the Tampa Bay Rays won, to remain deadlocked for the Wild Card spot in the American may solve that situation...if not, they will play a one game playoff tomorrow for the final playoff spot....The same is now the situation in the NL.  The Atlanta Braves have completed one of the biggest chokes since the 1964 Phillies, and with their lost to the modern Phils, have dropped into a tie with St. Louis for the National League Wild Card.  The Cardinals, down 5-0 at Houston, came back and defeated the Astros 13-6 to even things up with, like in the AL the NL is facing a possible one game playoff, if those teams remain tied after tonight's action.

The post season begins on Friday, with those games and locations, yet to be decided....MLB is burning the Midnight Oil.....great stuff!

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