Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pear Canning and Sci Fi Classics....

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, what a difference a short time can make in weather conditions, especially in Ohio and the upper Midwest....Friday and Saturday were brutally hot and dangerous, and by Sunday evening, and since, I'm almost tempted to turn on the furnace....but have held off on that for now.

Pear Canning____

 Friday after, in the heat and humidity, Patricia and I headed to a friends backyard orchard to pick pears....the fruit was falling off the trees at an alarming rate, and we needed to get those remaining off the limbs and in our baskets, in order to save them for canning...and we did, or at least I should say, my wife did.  She did most of the picking, while I held ladders.  It turns out she spent much of her final Holiday Weekend before November, working in the kitchen, peeling, cooking, and canning.  I admit to being no help except to toss out the skins and cores into the backyard compost pile.   By yesterday afternoon, she had canned 58 pints of Pears and another dozen quarts of Pear Preserves a massive 70 pints of goodness in all....I am set, Pear wise, for the next year or so.....I'm sure she wants no part of looking at anymore canning items until sometime next Summer.

It has been a strange year for gardens, and canning....the wet and cold spring, combined with the brutal hot July, has made for smaller numbers and size in some items, such as my Sunflowers, green beans, etc, and later harvest of sweet corn, and pears....it has been a wild year...and our personal harvest, still not complete(at least at Nick's place), but nearing the end.

Sci Fi Classics on Turner____

This morning I have been cruising the Internet, and catching some of my favorite 1950 Science Fiction Movies on Turner Movie Classic TV....right now they are in the middle of a great triple header, which takes me back to my childhood days.

"The Thing from Another World", "The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms" and "Them" are running now, with the campy schlock classic "Attack of the 50 foot Women" to come later in the day....great stuff.

The Thing has always been my personal favorite, while The Beast from 1953 is the first movie I remember seeing as a child.  We lived for a short while in mom's hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, and I recall seeing this movie in 1953 or so at a local Drive-In Theater back then.  I remember most vivid the Beast picking up a local cop by the head, as the hapless officer kicked and screamed...I'm not sure how if affected me back then, but I have always found that scene amusing in the nearly 60 years since it's release, I was but 4 when I first saw it, but I still remember that particular scene like it was just a week ago.

The Week Ahead____

The remainder of the week will be busy with football officiating, and then next week, the Kokomo/Howard County Vietnam Veterans reunion kicks off some 90 miles west of here in Indiana...I plan on hooking up with my VSPA buddies, Tom and Sam again this year, and hopefully spending a bit more time, at least 48 to 60 hours there...maybe more.  The weather ahead looks "promising" at this point, and that is always a plus.

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Photos-Patricia spent most of the Labor Day Weekend, "Laboring" over a hot stove, Canning Pear and Pear Preserves for the next year.....and some of the greatest Sci Fi Classics are running today on Turner Movie Classics..."The Thing", The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms", and "Them" are three of my personal favorites./


Sam said...

I plan to leave here early Sunday Morning and arrive in Kokomo sometime Sunday nite . I want to be there when Tom arrives with all the stuff.
Dont know if I ever told you or not but on Saturday of last yr in Kokomo a couple of guys dropped by the Campsite and wanted to know who was driving the blue car with the Pulaski Co. , Va. sticker on it . I said it was me and it turned out the younger guy, the son of the Vietnam Vet was my daughters next door neighbor . Of course the community where they lives is rural and next door was about a quarter of a mile away . I Ttouugh it funny I drove well over 500 miles to In. and ran into my daughter's next door neighbor . I ran into him a couple of weeks ago and we agreed to meet and share some of that good kentucky Cool Aid. See you Wed.

Olivia Michelle 2011 said...

Wow the pears look great, I can't imagine how much work she did!!

PRH....... said...

Lots of work kid, that is for sure...small world Sam, we will make it smaller over the next month...Kokomo then Dayton. :)