Thursday, September 1, 2011

Summer Reruns...

It looks as if we will have at least a few more days of Summer...not normal summer weather, but the Florida like hot and humid stuff....lower to mid 90s for the next couple of days, with things getting better as the weekend progresses....that will make things a bit uncomfortable for football players and officials alike.

Speaking of uncomfortable/uncontrolled football...check out this story from Sarasota, Florida:

I grew up about 20 miles south of Sarasota, in Venice, and never did like that county seat, it appears it has only gotten worse in the past 50 years...the offenders appear to be the usual suspects....out of shape coaches/fathers, and uncontrolled punks playing....why the Hell any official would officiate that level in those circumstances is beyond me.

As for me, I have been challenged, but so far never had a punch thrown at me, let alone being assaulted...although there have been a few cases where I was forced to be vigilant.  Nothing like the above mess however.

The heat and humidity were already on the rise by the time I walked out to give the birds and backyard squirrels their allotment of feed for the day...the bees had already started their days work on the Sunflowers, as the summer winds down, but not before a few more very warm days...

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Photos-My backyard Sunflowers are attacked by the backyard bees, as Summer winds down.

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