Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 11th~Ten Years After

The stalled low pressure area continues to play havoc with our weather....the cool, wet, and unpleasant conditions prevail....but I have to admit, it's better than the near 100 with high humidity to match that we endured late last week and into the Labor Day weekend.  They call for things to improve, but so far, I'm not buying it.  It has that late October early November feel to it.  It will not be pleasant tonight at St Henry working a Junior High double header, but as before, still better than triple digits.

9/11 approaching 10 years....

The conditions are in stark contrast to that day nearly 10 years ago, September 11, 2001, when the world changed.  On that day, both here in western Ohio and the east coast of the United States, dawned almost cloudless, with 70 and 80 degree temperatures under those bright blue skies.  

Where were you on 9/11/01?  

When I first got word of  the massacre in New York, I was sitting at my desk at the Van Wert County Health Department.   I had the early days of Glenn Beck's national radio show on in the background on WOWO Radio.  We only had the Internet at work for maybe 2 or 3 years at the time, and I was working on inspection reports, when I looked at the computer screen, which was on it's Yahoo Page...I noticed an Aerial shot of the World Trade Center and saw a fire and gaping whole in the side of one of the towers...about that time WOWO broke in with a bulletin.  I don't remember what the reports said exactly, but it was something like "A small plane has crashed into the World Trade Center in New York".  Within the hour we would know it wasn't a small plane at all, but the first of multiple terrorist flown hijacked passenger jets to make the world as we knew it stand still.

In those days I didn't blog or still know much about the Internet, but I did keep a written diary...for some reason that day I didn't write anything, but did make note the next day, Wednesday September 12th....stating simply :                    

                                      "Arab Terrorists Bomb World Trade Center with Hijacked Planes...
                                         Pentagon hit as well...KAOS!"

Naive and simple to be Thursday the 13th I would pen "Looks like upwards of 20,000 dead--Rescue efforts continue...Still not sure what our response is going to be-----"

By the end of the week we all knew the death toll, while horrific, was not going to approach the 20 thousand mark, or even the 5,000 that I was writing about in my daily diary on the following Monday September 17th....the days and weeks ahead would bring the war in Iraq, and bombing in would also bring our "Americans Unite" mode to an end.

We as a country and both left and right "united" for but a few short months...after that the left and the press changed course, and nutjobs like Ron Paul on the right and the usual suspect on the left, decided it was time to take up for Islam and blame America, American Policy, and Conservative Americans for the attacks.  And the hate between the left and right continues to this day.  No longer is America united as it was for a few weeks after 9/11/01.  We are at each others can lay the blame squarely on the main stream press and Democrat politicians like our current asshole-in-chief, and his lap dogs Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and NBC News, among many.

Yes, 10 years after the attack on America, we are still fighting wars against terrorism and radical Islam...but the greatest threat to the American Republic is the American Left and the American Press.  They continue to claim that the attacks were an "inside job" and that 90% of Muslims want to live in peace....I say Bullshit!  You might want to reverse that 90%...I've yet to meet even a handful of the worshipers of Allah that will condemn the 9/11 attacks.  And I've never met a left wing nut that will condemn them either...they are either too PC, to batshit crazy, or just plain Chicken Shit to say what they really believe, or to simply tell the truth.

Those are my thoughts and remembrances of 9/11/01.....the war against radical Islamics continues, the war between right and left is going full throttle as well.

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Photos-I saved two complete newspapers of that day....the September 11, 2001, local paper, The Celina Daily Standard, and the USA Today from the next morning September 12, 2001.   The 3rd page headline "Unite" was a fools gold wish, it didn't last.


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