Friday, September 2, 2011

Welcome to my Heat Wave.....

When I awoke at 5am or so it was still at 75 degrees and it was not going to drop, as west central Ohio heads for 98 today....breaking any records for this late in the year....tomorrow won't be much better.  Not going to be a good night for Varsity Football either, especially teams that have many players going both ways, on both offense and defense.  Probably going to be a night where the subs get some playing time at many schools.  Tomorrow morning, I luck out, our Freshman game at Celina begins at 10am, so we should be done before the real skin cooker weather begins.  Meanwhile Sam is working the Ohio State/Akron game, and even on the natural field, it's gonna be hot in Columbus by the time that one ends....98 today, 96 tomorrow, and then storms and cooler for the end of the Holiday week ahead, including Labor Day, which they say will barley reach about 70....that's more like it

This morning I was up early again, not sure if it's the Zocor, or just one of those nights that I couldn't stay asleep...but I took the opportunity to go on another early rise photo shoot.   With the haze it did not appear that I would get anything worthwhile while trying to get the sun coming up over the lighthouse at the intersection of 127 and Lakeshore Drive in Celina.   So after a few photos and a walk, I decided to just head towards Montezuma and Windy Point and enjoy the morning, before the heat got to be too much.

As I turned on 219 towards the point, I looked and the Sun was coming up a huge orange ball..."Damn" I think to myself, a wasted opportunity, as I could have taken a few shots of the lighthouse with the sun in the it was I continued towards Windy Point, where I got some decent photos, but most I have seen before, I missed the opportunity to get what I wanted, The lighthouse in the rising sun...maybe next week sometime.

Despite the heat on tap for today, I have a few things I need to get done....the back yard needs mowed, that will take just 15 minutes, the rest of the yard is good to go for the weekend.  The van, which I am back driving since the Nitro is fixed(we hope), needs an oil change...heading for Wolfe's Tire for than at 11am....and then a wash and vaccum for the Montana.  Hope to lift some weights and do the treadmill....then kick back in the A/C and relax.

No big plans coming up for the Labor Day weekend, but remainder of the month and October, I do have a full plate on the table....

back later>>>>

Photos-A couple more Sunrise shots from Windy Point on Grand Lake this morning...I had hoped to get the sun coming up over the Lighthouse in Celina, but misjudged the effect of the haze, and missed out on that opportunity....and Norman Rockwell salute to Amateur Football is almost as old as me...from the Cover of the Saturday Evening Post on October 21, 1950....celebrating the "Kickoff" of a the three major football draws coming together this week...High School, College, and the NFL....

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