Friday, September 23, 2011

Football Friday and the Weekend Gridiron Wars...

More rain rolled through overnight...and as I begin to type, the leaden clouds are producing no rain, it appears, via Radar, that most has moved to the east...

It was mostly cloudy and dry at Delphos last night as we worked a Junior High game...Crestview, who defeated Celina 40-18 on Tuesday in the game I worked, was back in action against Jefferson.  After a close first 10 minutes or so, the host Jeff Cats put points on the board and came away with a 36-0 win.

Not filling in tonight, so I may walk up and watch the Grand Lake rivalry between Celina and their east side of the lake opponents, the St. Mary Roughriders....Celina lost 3 close ones out of the gate, before getting thumped last week at Wapak, meanwhile St. Marys, with just 1 win last season, sits at 2-2 so far in 2012....I expect a shoot out, Celina can't stop the run(which the Roughriders feature), and I doubt if St. Marys can stop the Bulldog passing game...should be 80 or more points scored, but you never know.

Tomorrow I have another triple header scheduled...this time they are all at Spencerville.  A JV Football game in the morning, then a double header Baseball outing at 2pm...if the rain stays away.  Sunday another youth Football double header, with Sam, here in Celina.

Speaking of Sam, he will do the play-by-play for Ohio State men's Soccer tonight, then work out of the Press Box at the OSU vs Colorado football game Saturday afternoon...The Buckeyes are starting Freshman Braxton Miller at QB, replacing a Senior, Joe Bauserman.  Here we go again!  Shades of Tressel tossing a Senior Class under the bus for Terrelle Pryor.  Let's hope this isn't the same outcome.  Tressel and Pryor together destroyed years of glory at Ohio State, let's hope the new coach doesn't do the same, just to please the idiot "fans" of Buckeye football.

The "Photo"

I worked a varsity football game at Rockford a couple of weeks ago, St. Henry vs the host Parkway Panthers, a dart ball playing acquaintance of mine, Pat Agler, is a photographer, and snapped a couple of shots of me in action.  The one at the top of the page was as I was walking off the field at half-time, and he just happened to catch my eye.  He showed me the full view of the photo, and I contacted him via e-mail and asked for a copy for my "wall"...He sent me this cropped version complete with OHSAA matting.   

Now people ask for a link to the story, Pat was just having fun.  If I was to get an interview for the OHSAA, it would not be football, probably the weakest of my 3 Varsity sports.  Baseball?  Maybe.  Football or Basketball?  I'm probably not the "veteran official" you want to interview.  But I enjoyed the photo and what he did with it...I put it on facebook last night, and thought I would add it to the blog this morning.

Next Week____

Next week I will head back to Minster to get my blood checked again...but sadly my Doctor of some 20 years, will not be there, he has chosen to retire, because of health issues of his own.  And he is a young man, at least by my standards.  So, I am left with a Nurse Practitioner, who by all accounts is good.  However, I am not happy with the way my body has reacted to the Zocor Doc put me on last month, and am considering dropping the daily intake of that Cholesterol  reducing drug.  Frankly, with the exception of the blood pressure meds, and a daily intake of Aspirin and Fish Oil, I am thinking seriously of dumping all medications. 

At 62 1/2 years old,  I realize that most of my pain and issues are the result of my active lifestyle, and past mishaps{multiple motorcycle wrecks, etc}....after all, how many men my age work 150-200 sporting events a year, life weights, and treadmill, along with consuming mass quantities of beer, camping out at Mushroom Hunts and Vietnam Reunions?  So I am sure much of the recent pain is a result of those activities, but I sure the Hell don't like taking the drugs...I would rather do what I want, without the medications, if I can....if God and Mother Nature decide I am doing the wrong thing by dumping most of the meds, I will take that chance.

Just one more thing on my  plate...and who says retirement is boring?   I'm not buying it...enjoy your weekend.

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