Tuesday, November 1, 2011

And Then Came November....

The days certainly breeze by as you get older....seems like we just turned the calendar to 2011...and here it is, just two months to go, and 2012 will arrive...and if the Mayan Calendar is correct, that will be the end of times.....:).  Despite the world's problems, and with our own Kenyan Idiot ruining the Republic, I hardly think we are seeing the last of times....although I'm thinking that things will get much worse, before they get better.

After the early rain yesterday, things, weather~wise, turned around...some sun, a little wind, and temps rose to near 55...today and tomorrow look to be sunny and in the low to mid 60s, we will take that as November kicks off.

Dartball practice and organizational meeting last night at St. Johns....the season starts next Monday at Mt. Tabor.  It looks like we will have 10 players, with 7 or 8 able to show up on most nights...We will see if we can top the success we had at the end of last season.  After a miserable start, and a bad first half, we made a run at the South Title in the second half, and even though we fell short, we did secure the Runner Up Trophy in the post season Tournament.  The old guys, as old as 92, and the young "kids" seem to be going in different directions.  Some of the older guy's averages were down, but the younger ones, from 12 to 19, are playing better each season...so things are looking up.   Not sure how much Sam will play, perhaps over the holidays break, he will get enough at bats to qualify for the post season.

Not much going on, but I will drive to Van Wert to attend the first of my four required local basketball rules meetings.  Having already done the State of Ohio meeting on line....I should be able to get the local meetings out of the way before Christmas.

That's about it for today....

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Photos-The Vines on the Garage are turning a solid purple....Dartball got underway last night with practice, and begins next week for real....and not many Sunflower seeds to pass out to the varmits in the backyard.  Seems the Squirrels, planning on a long winter, have already secured all but a few....the others I put in the garage to dry, and will hand them out come the cold weather in January.

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